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Black Magic
Andromeda Strains
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Buckeye Purple x Cherry Sauce

BuckeyePurple : A few years back @Large_bud of #Adromeda_Genetics was lucky enough to score a pack of the prized BuckeyePurple seeds as a gift from @eastcoasterdam & @melvanetics themselves. He had five seeds to choose from, three germinated and two died. One was a very slow growing, yet extremely potent with an Indica type high (“Very couch lock type medicine”.) Another was a pinkish colored plant with a mild, relaxing, yet alert medicinal effect. The 3rd result was the above picture. She is much like Mel has described in her descriptions of BuckeyePurple. A heavy Indica leaning plant with stalky stems and minimum stretch in flower. She is very potent, both alert, yet relaxing in effects. She expresses the best of earthy, with slightly skunky smells

CherrySauce: Is a combination that @Large_bud of #Andromeda_Genetics created a while back, from a spectacular “from seed” keeper pheno of CherryPie. This CherryPie was then hit with the pollen from his specifically chosen male pheno of “TheSauce” from ExoticGenetix.” This stud was chosen because of his short stature, fast growing time, pungent smell and thick resin producing leaves, ( TheSauce = GorillaGlue4 X GreenRibbonBX ) through our patient network at #Andromeda_Genetics, we then personally grew, and also had many patients grow from seed our CherrySauce creations. We found two special female gems and a number of male studs. After many trial runs in flowering we finally chose our Keeper male. He has an awesome GorillaGlue4 structure, yet not quite as tall, a CherryPie smell, Purple Calyx’s and extremely heavy pollen production.
This led us at #Andromeda_Genetics to create a marriage of the two, which we now call “Black Magic”

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