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Nobody knows about the beginnings of this strain, Neville brought this to Holland as a clone from the U.S.A. into the late 80s and was the first one who sold Northern Light seeds and hybrids into his "The Seed Bank".

Steven Hager's description from his 'Inside Cannabis Castle' article published in High Times in March 1987:
State of the art indoor indica. Originating out of the Pacific Northwest, it is the result of many years of indoor breeding – three to four crops per year for a total of perhaps thirty to forty generations in the last ten years. The picture in Nevil's catalogue is a cutting of my personal favourite, C1 #5 F1. Unfortunately, no seeds are available of the strain, only cuttings. If anyone can come up with anything more resinous than this, I'd like to see it. Does not have much taste. The breeder bred a very specific goal in mind: high resin content. He certainly succeeded. The grass is a mellow indica that gets you pleasantly stoned – almost the opposite of Afghani #1. Although there are tastier varieties, I could smoke this one all day.

All together, there is more than only one original Northern Light line:

* NL #1: Is definitely an Afghani type indica inbred line.
* NL #2: Is a mystery, probably a mostly indica one.
* NL #5: Is the famous clone-only by Neville. The lineage is unknown - some people say its a Thai x Indica, than backcrossed to the Indica - but this is only pure speculation!

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