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Purple Punchzz

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Purple Punchzz
Valley Exclusives
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nur als Steckling verfügbar.

This super Indica cross is the crown jewel of Valley Exclusives,Our head breeder took The Infamous Purple Punch (which is the daughter of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple)and knocked it up with Oz Kush [which also has two heavy hitting parents, Zkittlez (the Candy tasting cross of Grape fruit and Grape Ape) crossed with OG Eddy Lepp]Most people will look at the name, and say they just put zz on the end of the purple punch. The reason we used the name purple punchzz is because its so potent and taste and smells like the old school purples that the name just fits!Watchout Purple Punchzz delivers knockout blow potentcy and incedrible bag appeal.The smell is in the range of a Oldschool OG smell but hints of grapes, the taste however is like a grape sprite , or for all the lean drinkers a Dirty Zprite and the high will have you leaning too!Will stay Clone Only. Will be used in most Valley Exclusives lines! We have very high expectations for this strain! Definitely not for beginner growers very finnicky but worth the hassle! More than likely will be kept within the Valley Exclusives and Fruit Preserves Family!

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