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White Strawberry Skunk
Strain Hunters
indoor, outdoor
~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

The White Strawberry Skunk is one of the fruitiest strains of cannabis ever to be bred. The heritage from a famous Swiss strain called Erdbeer guarantees the typical strawberry aroma, while the resin formation is so dense it reminds of the famous White Widow.

The White Strawberry Skunk is a medium to tall plant, with medium size internodes, and long branches. The plant likes a moderate feeding regime, and it is ready in 8-9 weeks of flowering. Buds are large, irregular in shape and covered in thick resin.

The aroma translate very well after combustion, producing a full strawberry flavor and a skunky aftertaste.

Medicinally useful as an antidepressant, it produces a complex high that creeps slowly but stays long. It is a mild but pleasant body-effect and a stronger social cerebral high.

Genetics: 50% indica - 50% sativa
Swiss Erdbeer (feminised) (???)

Height: medium-tall plant with internodes between 10-15 cm.
Flowering Indoor: 8-9 weeks flowering time. Yield up to 0.8 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per m2 (with 1000W HPS).
Flowering Outdoor: 9 weeks flowering time, with production up to 1Kg per plant depending on the final size. Support for the long branches is recommended.
Taste (burned): strawberry, tropical fruits, mossy, with a skunky earthy background.
Scent (unburned): fruity, sweet, almost creamy.

Speed of high onset: creeper
Duration of high: long lasting.
Quality/type of high: mild, complex, body-like at first, then more cerebral and social.

Medicinal qualities: good as an anti-depressant.

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Blütezeit Indoor: 57 - 67 Tage (~62 Tage)
Ernte-Menge Indoor: Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist etwas überdurchschnittlich.
Gesamteindruck Indoor: ist alles in allem ein durchaus guter Strain.
Erntezeit Outdoor: Mitte September in CmShα Klimazonen.
Stärke / Wirkungsdauer: Das Grass ist von mittlerer bis höherer Stärke.
Ernte-Menge Outdoor: Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist hoch.
Gesamteindruck Outdoor: ist alles in allem ein durchaus guter Strain.
Bewertungen: White Strawberry Skunk kommt im Durchschnitt auf 6.63 von 10 möglichen Punkten!

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White Strawberry Skunk von Strain Hunters Seed Bank ist nur als feminisiertes Saatgut erhältlich, nicht als reguläre Samen. In 13 Samen-Shops bzw. Seedbanks haben wir 37 Angebote zwischen EUR 5.00 für einen feminisierten Hanfsamen und EUR 244.02 für 50 feminisierte Samen. gefunden! Du bist auf der Suche nach einem Shop und moechtst Cannabis-Samen der Sorte White Strawberry Skunk von Strain Hunters Seed Bank kaufen? Schau am Besten auf unsere White Strawberry Skunk Preisvergleichs-Seite mit allen aktuellen Angeboten von allen uns bekannten Seedbanks und Shops - oder klicke direkt auf einen der folgenden Seed-Shops (welche ausnahmslos getestet, sicher und vertrauenswuerdig sind) um direkt zu deren White Strawberry Skunk Angeboten zu gelangen: Herbies Head Shop,, Alchimia Grow Shop, Zamnesia,, Canna-Seed Seed Shop, Chu Majek,, Cannapot Hanfshop, Indras Planet GmbH, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Discreet Seeds and Amsterdam Seed Center.

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User-Kommentare zu dieser Sorte:

am 09.01.2019 um 19:03 Uhr:

I phoned Green House Seeds (dba Strain Hunters) in Holland to discuss this strain before ordering seeds because the info on the web about this strain was contradictory. I was told that the geneaological diagram (above) here on seedfinder is false. White Strawberry Skunk is NOT a cross with El Nino. Instead, WSK is basically Swiss Erdbeer. I was told WSK was bred from a particularly indica-leaning clone of Swiss Erdbeer, which made that clone more interesting to the breeder because Erdbeer also had many sativa-leaning clones. Fazit: The top part of the diagram is correct, but the reference to El Nino should be taken out of the picture completely. If you check around the web, basically all the information out there is consistent with what I was told, and seedfinders ought to change the diagram.

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am 05.01.2015 um 21:46 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

I can only comment on 1 plant. I had a freak pheno (70-80% procent dismorphic leaves). That being said, this was the only negative experience i had with this plant. The strange leaves had small bumps over the whole of the leaf and they tended to curl at the ends. But the plant didn't seem to be bothered and grew pretty normal. The leaves also had a nice dark green color. I didn't expect much of a yield because of the pheno but was pleasantly surprised when it yielded quite a high quantity of bud. The buds are nice and dense with a lovely berry/ orange scent and a hint of soda. The taste is very berry and it's the fruitiest strain i've tasted to date.

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am 13.09.2014 um 10:35 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Les fleurs sentent vraiment très bon mais sont peu compacte..- et selon moi la sélection génétique n'est pas aboutie, on remarque bien des petites mutations sur les feuilles et plusieurs phénotypes.... dans quelques années après une sélection plus rigoureuse, cette variété pourrait donnée de bon résultat....

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