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Brothers Ink.
indoor, outdoor
~70 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Who has not heard of Jack Herer?
Jack Herer is a very famous convinar multipolihibrid for the best of the best Indica and sativa in a unique blend.
Its large number of phenotypes and multiple seleccecciones large growers around the world make this variety one of the most cultivated.
Well we start from the basis of seeking a jack tasty, productive and fast herer.
All phenotypes what we decided on one in particular, and we call jacked.
Jacked is our own selection of Jack Herer.
we can say that this is an early jack for genetic surrounding this multipolihibrido, including its type include the bud of unprecedented hardness not big in size but heavy like the most, and an amount of more than excellent resin.
The aroma is intoxicating, some subtle hints of green apples and wood make this jacked a delight.
Its effect is rather narcotic to relax and let you absorb the couch.

Genetics: Jack Herer x Jack Herer

THC and CBD: Thc/cbd 18% and 2% to 3%.

Production: Medium high

Flowering time: Indoors from 65 to 75 days and Outdoor between 1 and 15 October.

Details: It is a variety that recommend using SOG and SCROG techniques.

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