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Name: Devils Tit
Züchter: SnowHigh Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

SnowHigh Seeds - Devils Tit

A Durban Poison clone was picked up by growers in Mendocino by myself. The grower had traveled to South Africa in the early 80's and specifically brought back Durban Poison genetics for breeding. The clone of Durban Poison is extremely potent, heart racing rollercoaster weeds, too much will make you sweat. The Devil came to me while under her influence and whispered in my ear, this will be the Devils Tit.

The male used in the cross was a 11 foot heavily branched monster which has been proven in many other crosses as well as this one.

Its a hybrid: a 80 % uplifting hightype with 20 % body effect

Bloom Length: 9 -11 weeks
# of Phenotypes? Pink lemonade
Describe each phenotype expression: Many phenotypes ranging from the Acapulco Gold x C99 lineage and others leaning toward the Durban Poison.
Stretch: 1 times stretch once placed in flower
Resin Profile: Copious Resin
Odor Score: 8: A very fragrant strain
Odor Description: Pink Lemonade
Flavor Score: 8
Flavor Description: Pink Lemonade refresher
Potency Score: 9
High Type: White knuckle, hair raising, euphoric body rush, with multi-sensory overload if grown properly and the right pheno is found.
Genetics: Mendocino Durban Poison x Acapulco Gold x C99 (male)

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