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Name: Zamalmystik
Züchter: Tropical Seeds Co.
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~84 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Tropical Seeds Company - Zamalmystik

The goal with this strain is to find the organoleptic qualities of Zamal together with its incredible high and enjoyable flavours. Then adding a more compact final size and a shorter flower time to the final offer. The name for this idea and now reality : Zamalmystik !!

The work has been created using a Zamal collected at Mafate in the 80’s. The line was diverse and opened, with a flowering period in between 6-8 months. The cross then was made with a Dutch polyhybrid. Lowering flower times and making it shorter and more compact was accomplished. The potency on it has considerably increased too.

We continued digging into this cross up to a F5 generation. We reached what we were looking for by trying to fix some traits so they will show more often in the stain. We gave the shape we wanted to this creation after testing several intermediate works.

We discarded the rest and only went with the one showing what we first wanted in this cross : A quick Zamal, around 12 weeker with some compact colas for a sativa. Excellent yield, and stretch was shortened. The usual stretching is now around x4.

In this way, Zamalmystik is ready in 12 weeks, while the original Zamal Mafate 80's needed 6-8 months to be ready. It doesn't stretch (x4) as the Zamal Mafate, thus being suitable for most indoor grow rooms.

The buds are enlongated but more compact that those of typical Sativas, and have the same flavour than Zamal: spicy, fruity and floral. The effect is electric and very psychoactive.
Zamalmystik from Tropìcal Seeds Company features:

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