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William's Wonder
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

A special Indica Indoor hybrid. Very suitable for commercial indoor growing when making use of the plantlet method. Pick out the plants you like the best and reproduce. Heavy yields of extremely resinous buds. The buds are, due to their structure and the amount of resin on them, weighting very heavy. Small, compact plants. You can easily grow 4 crops a year indoors. Experienced growers can yield 1500-2000 grams per square meter per year. Two people could not finish a joint. The plant on the picture has been taken outdoors after flowering was inducted indoors. The plant turned purple because of a very cold fall. Williams Wonder can't be grown outdoors without being inducted to flower artificially previously.

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Glckspilz meint

am 12.08.2018 um 03:45 Uhr:

I grow a long time and this strain make me so stooked C I have seen a lot of strains and I can say I am an indica dude becouse I like the golden green nuggets, I love this plant so hard I mean WTF .. The history of this strain from rhe Club is alsoamazing .. Thank You so much to the Super Sativa Seed Club –} The taste is a little bit like train wreck and the high is so Fucking high Grade .. This is my girL for the future .. Only for the Mamas and Papas .. She need a lot of nutriens and love ! Very quick girl with a lot of power ... 10 of 10 points ..

Kind Regards

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