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Name: S.A.M.
Züchter: Da Bean Co.
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Da Bean Co. - S.A.M.

Aka: Surface to Air Missle

Although the name is very war like, the Sammy was made for peaceful purposes. The name comes from the shape of the top bud, as it looks very much like the head of a hand held S.A.M.. These two classic strains (Williams Wonder and UBC Chemo) come together with devastating results, a very complimentary pairing indeed. The Branchy Wonder is tamed somewhat by the pole like chemo and the small yielding chemo is bulked up by the Wonders big bud and branching habit. Neither strain lacked resin production, so there is an abundance of oily resin with large buds and very few fan leaves. Both the Wonder and the Chemo are top quality, very potent medicine that may be limited to evening/night time use. Be very careful operating machinery, driving or doing anything requiring full attention.

William Wonder X UBC Chemo
Indoor (55-65 Days)
Outdoor (Not Tested)

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