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Pre98 Bubba Kush S1

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Pre98 Bubba Kush S1
Riot Seeds
mostly indica
~56 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

We released these Pre98 Bubba Kush seeds from our original Pre98 Cut (not some lameass imitation being hawked at collectives) and we got some MASSIVELY AMAZING RESPONSES - the last pack of which went for $800 on Auction. That's how sought after Riot Seeds S1's are of the Pre98 Cut - Every single one being VERY UNIFORM with very little diversity. Other seed companies offer this strain but NONE have got a response like we have, so we decided to say SCREW IT and rerelease these beauties.

This plant is an indica dominant strain with some sativa laid in there which you can sense in the high. But I'd say 90% indica. Solid and Dense ass nugs and FROSTY as can be! Finishes in 7-9 Weeks depending on where you like to take your plants at. I've taken as early as 7 Weeks and had it come out PERFECT, but that was when I was a little more foolish and couldn't wait and be patient. The wait is ALWAYS worth it.

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