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Name: One To One
Züchter: CBD Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~56 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

CBD Seeds - One To One

Aka: One 2 One

Variety developed specifically for the medical user. Their level of cannabinoids is balanced, that is, the plant produces the same amount of THC and CBD, regardless of the total percentage of both. This gives it a totally therapeutic, since the psychoactive effects of THC are attenuated by the same content in CBD.

In CBD Seeds carefully follow the latest medical and scientific studies around cannabis, that is why we focus our projects to develop specific products like this. Recent advances in the study of the genes responsible for the synthesis plant cannabinoids have allowed crossings and hybridizations elucidate that produce a given chemotype.

Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid
Interior: 8 weeks
Exterior: September
Production: High
Effect: Balanced / Positivity
Odor: citrus hues
Taste: Strong / Citrus

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Sorten-Steckbrief & User-Meinungen

Bekannte Phänotypen:
beta version - füge einen anderen Phänotyp hinzu
1.: kleiner, kompakter, schnell blühender, indica-lastiger Phänotyp

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Blütezeit Indoor: 55 - 65 Tage (~60 Tage)
Ernte-Menge Indoor: Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist sehr hoch.
Gesamteindruck Indoor: ist alles in allem extrem gut und wirklich empfehlenswert.
Erntezeit Outdoor: Mitte September +/- 1 Woche in TwS Klimazonen.
Ernte-Menge Outdoor: Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist hoch.
Gesamteindruck Outdoor: ist alles in allem überdurchschnittlich gut und durchaus empfehlenswert.
Bewertungen: One To One kommt im Durchschnitt auf 7.83 von 10 möglichen Punkten!

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One To One von CBD Seeds ist nur als feminisiertes Saatgut erhältlich, nicht als reguläre Samen. In 8 Samen-Shops bzw. Seedbanks haben wir 37 Angebote zwischen EUR 7.23 und EUR 647.24 gefunden!

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User-Kommentare zu dieser Sorte:

am 10.10.2016 um 13:46 Uhr:Dieser Kommentar ist verknüpft mit einem Sorten-Steckbrief!

Just a short story to make you understand my experience with this strain/plant. I chose it for my father's cancer. now my father is gone bless him. So the plant was uprooted from the soil after 3 or more months. now i don't remember exactly how old it was the plant when my brother uprootedit. It was left dying for a full day (24 hours) or more under the June sun (southern italy). I arrived home and put it back into the soil (different location = different soil). Well the story is this: from a dying plant ( i thought it was already dead) i tried to bring it back to life and after all the care and love i could give it (while i was physically present near the growing spot) the little plant grew into wha you now see (uploaded picture). harvested mid/end of september (planted it 1st of march) and transplanted it a total of 3 times (uprooted in between...) i didn't weigh the whole thing in one go but i can tell you that just the top buds gave me 722 grams after 4-5 days of drying... hope this helps.. i spent very little time checking up on her... i guess the less you are on them the more the reward. enjoy!

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