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Infos vom Züchter

MelonSicle ist eine mostly sativa Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±63 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. TH Seeds' MelonSicle ist THC dominant und ist/war nur als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

TH Seeds' MelonSicle Beschreibung

TH Seeds MelonSicle TH Seeds and Shiloh crossed three well-known strains for their sought after terpenes profile; Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie), Watermelon Zkittlez and Watermelon, resulting in this super fruity variety.

MelonSicle has a 60/40 Sativa Indica genetic composition. It is a fairly slender plant that can reach up to 130-160cm, with a quite long internodal distance. It responds well to apical pruning and SCROG cultivation, filling the available growing space and offering generous yields.

MelonSicle has a flowering period of about 9 weeks, with a yield of up to 550-650g per m2 indoors, and the harvest ready in October outdoors.

MelonSicle easily acquires colours ranging from pink to purple, mauve and orange, presenting a real spectacle to the eye during cultivation, especially in late flowering. The use of a carbon filter or other anti-odour system is recommended for a pleasant growing experience as this plant emanates an intense and persistent odour.

MelonSicle, harvest with fruity melon flavour
MelonSicle harvest is composed of large and dense flowers not too compact. They are generously covered with a sticky resin layer and have few large leaves, which facilitates the harvest's manicuring.

It offers distinctly fruity aromas and flavours reminiscent of grape and melon goodies on a creamy sweet background.

MelonSicle produces a balanced effect, enhancing good mood and creativity while being physically relaxing and calming.

This promotional pack contains 5 MelonSicle seeds, along with 2 more free seeds and a free French Macaron seed.

TH Seeds MelonSicle info:
Type: Feminised cannabis seed
Genetics: Forbidden Fruit X Watermelon Zkittlez X Watermelon
60/40 Sativa Indica hybrid
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Yield: 550-650g per m2
Size: 130-160cm
THC: High

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Alles in Allem haben wir 1 Benutzerkommentar über TH Seeds' MelonSicle zusammengetragen. Leider ist bisher kein einziger Kommentar auf Deutsch verfasst worden, deswegen zeigen wir dir hier ersteinmal die Englischen Kommentare:

bbuds - 02.12.2022

All of the five plants I've grown were pretty much identical, so I guess this is what to expect.

Giving an indica impression, being ready after less than 8 weeks. They've turned out not slender at all, hardly any internodal distance, very short and compact, even after more than a month of vegging.
The yield is not anywhere near what is claimed.

The smell and taste is not very fruity, Forbidden Fruit and WMZ are not really present at all. It's rather musky, a bit grape, vaguely reminiscent of a mediocre Watermelon OG pheno.

The high is unspectacular but good, also more on the indica side.

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