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Infos vom Züchter

Genius Thai Extreme ist eine indica/sativa Sorte von und kann drinnen und draussen angebaut werden. Bodhi Seeds' Genius Thai Extreme ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

Bodhi Seeds' Genius Thai Extreme Beschreibung

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Origins and Backstory: Bodhi originally released Genius Thai Extreme seeds as F1—a hybrid between the Apollo 11 Genius cut (originally from Brother’s Grimm seed stock) and a landrace Thai sativa. A friend of mine, @planthoarder, open pollenated those and made F2. I passed the F2 seed onto yet another friend here in Colorado, who then grew the pictured flower organically, indoors, and around 7500 feet. The Apollo 11 Genius cut is so named because it will get your brain juices flowing and take you into orbit; it is universally loved by sativa enthusiasts, especially those who were active in the ‘90s. Thai landrace plants are known for being hard to tame, but have uniquely soaring and cerebral highs that are sought after by connoisseurs. I imagine Bodhi’s goal of the cross was to get all of the best parts of sativa effects into a fast-flowering and easy to grow plant.

Appearance: These flowers are beautiful! The buds exhibit all the best aspects of both parents; they are full and dense, and covered in resin. This gives the flower a modern bag appeal with a heavy frost factor. At the same time, they have a tell-tale calyx structure that is omnipresent in southeast asian cultivars. The way the pistils almost fold out of the calyxes remind me of Thai temples in a way—maybe that’s just placebo. In any case, these flowers are stunning. They look like Thai flowers that have been well-tempered and bred for the indoor clime, but the density, fullness, and resin-coverage of these flowers is what is really impressive—a true achievement when working with landrace equatorial sativas.

Aroma: Exotic, fruity, and floral, the aroma is a high point. It comes off as an exotic smoothie including pink lemonade, hibiscus tea, and indian spices. It is like a sweet-sour-floral smoothie, with immediate notes of pineapple, nectarine, mango, guava, papaya, and strangely foreign fruits that I do not have words for. An exotic note is prevalent that is somewhere between incense, fruit, and spice, and really smells like some unbelievably exotic culinary spice from Asia. I can only describe it as “Thai,” but it is strong. There are more notes of lemongrass, and a few other herbaceous/botanical notes that remind me of tropical greenhouses and botanical gardens. The aroma is “juicy,” and makes me think of a fruit blend that has been sitting in the sun. Genius Thai is really exotic, unusual, and attractive.

Flavor: While not quite as punchy as the aroma, the flavor is a fun experience. The smoke is more herbal and botanical than the aroma, and slightly less fruity. The hibiscus and other floral/herbaceous greenhouse flavors are present, and make for a really unique smoke. The most dominant notes of the smoke are nectarine, Thai-weed-spice (I don’t know how else to describe this), mango/guava, and hibiscus. Just as unique as the aroma, the flavor is something special. It is smoky experiences like these that make Bodhi such a cult favorite breeder.

Effects: This is a floaty, thoughtful, and giggly herb that is guaranteed to pick you up. You could expect most of the effects just from the lineage, and it is a great compromise of Thai genetics with a good indoor sativa performer, the Apollo 11 Genius clone. The come-up is floaty, happy, euphoric, with hints of soaring/cerebral Thai. The Thai effects are just traceable here, but noticeable. For the uninitiated, Thai weed is some of the most unique sativa smoke in existence—it can come in waves like psychedelics, can inspire extreme giggling/euphoria as equally as it can terror and paranoia. There is truly no weed as psychedelic as Thai/Cambodian weed, and this Genius Thai Extreme manages to capture a few pieces of that. This herb is certainly giggly and euphoric, but not as soaring as Thai. Fortunately, I think a terrifying and paranoid experience on this weed would be very difficult to have. It’s not nearly as overwhelming as a pure Thai smoke, and would probably be equally favored by beginning smokers and sativa-connoisseurs alike. All in all, this is good wake n bake herb on weekends for happy, easeful activities. I smoked this and got quite a bit done around my house, and looked around at my current life situation with optimism. The feeling does eventually fade into something dream-like; the lack of clarity keeps me from smoking this one when I’m aiming to be productive. Overall, this is a day brightener and great summer-time herb.

Overall: This is an almost ideal exemplar of breeding. Thai cannabis is some of the best in the world (it is my personal favorite), but it is just as easily some of the most difficult to manage. Even outdoors, the extensive flowering time (14-24 weeks) prevents most North American cultivators from even attempting to grow these strains. Genius Thai Extreme captures a lot of the best aspects of Thai weed in a plant that is easy to grow inside, has great bag appeal, and a very reasonable flowering time. This strain is really impressive from a breeding standpoint. It is great in theory, excellent in execution, and makes a “Thai Lite” version of weed accessible to many more growers/smokers than will ever be able to enjoy true pure Thai. This is a complete package plant, and is not lacking in any category. Personally, when I compare this to the 30 or so other varieties I have on my shelf, I tend to prefer others for smoking. That being said—if this was the only flower I had available to me, I’d be incredibly grateful. This is an excellent quality sativa in virtually every category. The effect is a bit too dreamy for me to enjoy smoking this a ton during the day, and lacking the OG punch that I enjoy during the evenings. Personally, I’d prefer a selection with a longer flowering time but a more soaring/cerebral/psychedelic effect. So, I don’t get into this jar too often. If I’m heading for a hike on a sunny weekend with a friend or doing a home yoga session—this is the first weed I’ll think of (along with DJ Short F-13). I hope that gives the reader enough info to accurately gauge where this one settles out, but overall I think it’s an impressive plant and one I feel lucky to be smoking.

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Genius Thai Extreme Hybriden & Kreuzungen

Genius Thai Extreme x 88 G13-Hashplant

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