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Name: Emperors Haze 2010
Züchter: Fusion Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~94 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Fusion Seeds - Emperors Haze 2010

EMPERORS HAZE 2010: C5 haze x jack herer

Back to basic with this project! Many strains bare the name haze, many strains contain haze.
Fusion's goal was to bring a true haze back to the market as the dutch part of fusion basicly grew up in the area were name like: A5, C5, HPH, mexican, AG13, CG13, neville etc etc were famous. It was probably a huge part in him going into growing. A huge thanks goes out to people like A5 and Samhowdee who allways shared acces 2 these gems !!
The breeding project started in 2010, using a male selected out of a old batch of sensi's jack herer. (pre euro) This way some inbreeding occured as the JH is thought to be offspring from the C side of the haze.

The plants in the f1 varied very in pheno's. Half of them small, pretty fast flowering lady's, most northernlight/jack types.
The other half were more like mom: large sativa's, ranging from dense "hybrid" style buds to real sativa monsterbuds.
Most went 12+ weeks, some even 16. Especially the "hybrid" type pheno's would be very desired in the growers community as they yielded very good, finished within 12,5 weeks, had great taste (ranging from fruity to creamy haze, some a bit sour) and all had a great high that went over most of the time in a stoned.
The sativa type plants were all rich in taste, hazey and very mental when it comes to high.

Work is in full progress atm, the emperors haze can go all ways. Some f2's are allready made from the best pheno's. One girl stood out so she will enter the breeding rooms this year to make more f2's.
Plan is to include some other haze lady's aswell. Backcrossing with the C5 mom aswell.

Watch out for the 2011 and 2012 versions!!

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