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El Squeako

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El Squeako
Kingdom Organic
indoor, outdoor
~65 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

The El Squeako is a reciprocal backcross to the Bubble n Squeak #1 from the El Jefe Thai. The EJThai was made using a selected BnS#1 male crossed out to an olden Durban Thai Highflyer f2 that was wicked dark purple and a heavy duty resin producer. The smoke was heavenly sativa, lemony/hashish good smells and flavors, and very potent. The El Squeako will be basically a sativa leaning Skunk #1 with big ol’ yields and very little stretch into flowering; an uber resin factory with a wild assortment of flavors and smells possible.
Remember this baybee doesn’t do a lot of stretching into flowering, which is nice for all you dorks (like me) who let your plants get too big to flower sometimes.

KOS always recommends letting our genetics get at least 55 days old from seed before initiating flowering. This is to insure the most resin production, and always grow our gear all organically if possible for the best smells and flavors possible from your herbs.

This is a very limited strain release.

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