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indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~60 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

This isn't really a BCGA strain. It is a hybrid that a friend donated to help raise some cash for the legal problems of another friend. He is a UK grower who likes his sativas, and crossed one of his best (ES) with a blueberry male. ES was made about 24 years ago between some Nigerian brought back from Africa and an early version of skunk No. 1 sent from California. Es is the strongest thing he has and says "often causing a complete white out, its like a roller coaster ride". He grew out the ESB and romberry side by side, here was his comments to me " If and when you grow out some es blue, early ones finish in about 50 to 55 days strength similar to the better Romberry's (5.5/10) I grew but more up. I have had the odd early ESB go hermy as a warning. The later ones take 65 to 70 days and are much much stronger (8/10) but with a very happy stone" They all taste nice the late ones have a lot more up reminiscent of the Nigerian in its past, it lasts for a good long while and has e

Yield the overall plant average was 43.25 g or 86.5 per sq ft @ 50w/ft
Availability: this is a one shot deal, no plans to restock.

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