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Name: Blueberry BX
Züchter: Green Beanz Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: indica/sativa
Blütezeit: ~67 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Green Beanz Seeds - Blueberry BX

Started this project almost 10 years ago...because of the plant count limitation in medical laws in my state, it progressed at a slow pace until just a couple years ago.

Then after BerryWhite and Bwog ET were made, the project picked up speed and momentum.

Heres the breakdown:

DJ Short Pre-99 Sativa (rare) Blueberry x White Indica = BerryWhite
I brought BerryWhite down to F4 where I found a very nice rep to use for BX's
I then crossed the BerryWhite F4 to Raskals Fire Alien Og = Bwog ET
I used the Bwog ET (BerryWhite F4 x Fire Alien OG) and hit back to BerryWhite F4 to make BerryWhite BX
I then used a the BerryWhite BX and hit back to the original DJ Short Sativa BlueBerry...
And this is were we are now...

Heres what it looks like by pedigree...

DJ Short Blueberry x White Indica = BerryWhite F1
BerryWhite F1 x BerryWhite F1 = BerryWhite F2
BerryWhite F2 x BerryWhite F2 = BerryWhite F3
BerryWhite F3 x BerryWhite F3 = BerryWhite F4
BerryWhite F4 x Fire Alien OG = Bwog ET
BerryWhite F4 x Bwog ET = BerryWhite BX
DJ Short Blueberry x BerryWhite BX = Blueberry BX

Alhough this has been a long and hard journey...this project is almost complete.
I feel at this point, the tests results show that the indica pheno is still dominant, but the Sativa (rare) phenos are expressing themselves ata ratio that is acceptable to release, aprox 30-40% in our test runs.
I can say, whether sativa or indica dom, the traits of heavy trich production with varying levels of blueberry flavors are what I expect from a project at this point.

Will the Blueberry muffin pheno be found in your pack of seeds? Im betting on it...it wasnt hard to find in my testers...

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