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Pure Instinto

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Hier findest du alle Informationen über den Cannabis-Zücheter Pure Instinto. Wir haben Daten zu 18 Cannabis Sorten von Pure Instinto gesammelt (4 dieser Hanfsorten wurden von SeedFindernutzern bewertet - mit einer durchschnittlichen Note von 2 von 10!) Klicke auf die Sorten um weitere Informationen, Bilder, Reviews, Vergleiche und Quellen zu finden - oder lies dir die Breeder Infos hier auf der Seite durch um mehr über Pure Instinto herauszufinden. Desweiteren ist es mit unseren dynamischen Karten auch möglich alle Pure Instinto Sorten zu visualisieren - inclusive all ihrer Eltern oder allen bekannten Hybriden!

Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

Back in 2008, a group of cannabis lovers decided to move
to Amsterdam where they worked in different cannabis related
businesses, such as seed banks, coffee shops and others.
In 2018 they decided to put together all their experience, knowledge,
and contacts acquired throughout their professional careers to open
their own business in the industry. This is when Pure Instinto
was created.
The goal was clear, to obtain what they considered to be the best and
most sought-after genetics, and to create a platform where other
cannabis lovers could get their hands on any of these genetics in seed
Since the beginning, Pure Instinto has had a long and continuous R&D
for the stabilization of these genetics, and also, of many others that are
currently being worked on. All of our cannabis seeds have been created
from elite clones or through a meticulous selection made from regular
seeds. Once the seeds have been produced, we test each batch to
ensure that the germination levels exceed 98%, and that they show no
signs of hermaphroditism or any other growing problems. Thus, providing a high-end quality product meant to satisfy and meet the expectations of even the most demanding grower!