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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

After the accumulation of many years of experience on the cultivation of cannabis in all its varieties and possible variants and having enjoyed as good cultivators of all of them, we came to the conclusion "Kritikal".

The time had come to create our own seed bank of these precious genetics. A hybrid cross with our favorite names of the brightest varieties did the rest ... Mr. Kritikal Mass, Mr. Cheese Mass, Mr. Weed Mass, Mr. Amnesia Mass, Mr. Jack Mass, Mr. Eiden Mass, Mr. Mother Earth, Mr. Jekyll Kush and Mr. Sugar Lemon Haze.
2018 American line.

Next to the Auto Hide collection of autoflowering seeds.

We take R & D very seriously and we work day by day to advance in our crosses, always maintaining our standards of QUALITY and STABILITY, thus forming plants with a high level of vigor and production but without renouncing their organoleptic nuances.