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Name: Auto Demon Mass
Züchter: Mr. Hide
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: Automatisch blühend
~65 Tage (von der Keimung bis zur Ernte.)

Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Mr. Hide Seeds - Auto Demon Mass

The definitive choice for those who are looking for an autoflowering genetics with a very powerfull effect, large production and really easy to grow. We have been cultivating it in hard environmental conditions and however the result has been simply spectacular. Very few genetics are as resistant to plagues and weather inclements as this cannabic demon. Growing a Demon Mass represents the joy of getting back to the genuine pleasure of cultivating the very best autoflowering genetics. And this is not always easy and satisfactory. However Demon Mass auto is suitable for the most inexperienced cultivator because it almost needs nothing to give us the best imaginable marijuana. And this is due to its genome: contains everything necessary to fight the worst plagues and diseases. It develops an awesome central bud and some side branches full of flowers almost as big as the main one. Its height is ideal for the purpose autoflowering genetics are meant: growing in terraces and balconies where the last thing we want is indiscreet glances. Most of the security walls in terraces and balconies are 3 feet high and Demon Mass auto rarely exceeds this height. Its sativa predominance (70%) makes this plant one of the most stimulating and creative in the cannabis universe. Its effect is indeed creative, proactive and ideal for all kind of activities where an extra energy is needed. It has no rival when it comes to enhance your sexual life due to its high sativa percentage and is the final plant to spend long nights of nice conversations with your friends. With its delicious fragrance, Demos Mass auto provides a unique aroma and reminiscences of exotic fruits and a citric touch that makes the simple fact of inhaling a drag in a real pleasure for the most sybarite palates. Whoever tastes a Demons Mass auto will repeat the experience. No matter if is a rookie or an experienced grower.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Sativa dominance
Cross : Northern light
Taste: Exotic fruits
Production: From 80g to 130g / plant.

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