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Name: Gramstacker IX
Züchter: Andromeda Strains
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: unbekannt
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Andromeda Strains - Gramstacker IX

GramStacker is a IX a blend of Kimbo Pie and Hogzilla., our goal in this creation was simply to increase the yield of @large_buds beloved, and hand selected pheno of Kimbo Pie. He found this Kimbo Pie pheno a few years back after popping a round of seeds from one of our collectives first breeding projects, as a team. Kimbo Pie is a combination of our stable Cherry Pie mother, and a outstanding short, colorful, and super resinous Kimbo Kush. This Kimbo stud was selected from some of Exotic Genetix earliest work. (back when his packs went for $50 or less.) This beautiful phenotype has rarely been seen, or enjoyed by anyone other than a select few in our small group. Its one of those plants that when finished its hoarded by the grower, and the few people they slipped and told they had it ready. Its flavor is so stanky that it’ll make it seem as if you’ve never seen a carbon filter. A smell of rotten fruit mixed with burnt coffee and vanilla! This stuff is so stoney many forget they’ve started a bowl and end up leaving it laying somewhere half burnt. Again, our goal with this cross is simple, “Increase the yield,” without loosing too much flavor, smell, and any potentcy, we wanted simply to add some mass to this baby. Therefore, we used our old sand by male. Our Hogzilla has made a big yielder out of many of our smaller yielding and potant strains. Gramstacker, an IX, was built to impress with the Stud being Hogzilla. HogZilla was created from the same exact Kimbo kush father as Kimbo Pie, making Gramstacker an Inbred, or IX, which ultimately added some stabization to the strain. This one is a most have People! Scoop them up while supplies last! This will be the only release of these special and vigorous F1 gems. Also, keep your eyes peeled someday for our Gramstacker IXF2’s. We expect they will both sell out very quickly!

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