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Zombie Virus
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~63 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Breed by by O.G.A. Seeds

A cross of two of our favorite strains from 2008. The recipe of course is a secret, but with the quality of the parentage here, there was no way this one would not be a winner. The mom is a full indica, compact and very strong. Dad is a diesel cross that has slight grape undertones. Together this has produced a very stable, mostly indica cross that has commercial potential. The name was an easy one. Dr Dog is a zombie nut, and sort of believes that it is coming, never mind the asteroids or the global warming, it will be zombies that do us us Milla!! Buds are full of trichomes 4 weeks into flower and continue to get denser as the weeks go on. Plant does well topped or not and responds well to training. Yield is very good, 3 oz/gallon pot. This plant is pretty much care free, responds well to fertilizer and can handle most heavy brews. Zombie clones very easily and is a quick vegging plant. Due to its sticky demeanor in an indoor climate, it is recommended that if growing outdoors, you limit the amount of rain on buds. This strain is perfect for a beginner or pro gardener.

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