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Name: Trident
Züchter: Plantamaster Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~88 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Plantamaster Seeds - Trident

I present to you my new strain Trident - a powerful hybrid for real psychonauts from Plantamaster Seeds. Initially Trident was assumed as day medical strain, able to cope with a sharp twinge that gives strength and adds meaningfulness of daily activities, with a pilot called "Gagarin", in addition to our psychedelic AUTO COLOR "Gagarin auto", but one of the intermediate phenotypes pleasantly surprised me with its psychedelic component.

Cort Trident, which has turned us in the end can not only quickly cope with the pain, but also offer a fascinating journey through the universe of your consciousness. Deep muscle relaxation is an excellent background for crystal clear HIGH cerebral effect, and quite noticeable effect aphrodisiac add a lot of joy in your life. Properly dried and inflorescence were treated with Trident should be used with caution - overdose able to send you to travel on a nuclear dump your subconscious. Nothing new, however, in ancient times it was known that the cure for the poison differs only in dosage. Trident allows each person to verify this assertion.

Trident - variety for cultivation both in the open field (up to 45 latitude) and indoors. Outdoor height it can reach 2-2.5 meters, so it is recommended tying, or branches can break under the weight of inflorescences. When grown indoors or LST ScrOG recommended method - growing hemp varieties Trident is well branched and quickly fill the space allotted to it.

The variety is suitable for experienced growers, as well as for beginners. Recommended during the growing season is not more than 4 weeks - after translation into flowering plant can grow in size dramatically.

Type : F1, 80% sativa
Genetics : Haze x Skywalker x Donbass Star
Flowering Time: 85 - 90 days
Height: 2 - 2,5 m
THC: 16 - 19
Harvest: end of October

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