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Ruderalis Indica
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We have continued to breed and experiment with our revolutionary early-flowering Rudaralis hybrids. The advantage of a Ruderalis hybrid is that approximately 50% of the seedlings will begin flowering at the 5th internode, regardless of the photoperiod. The other 50% of the seedlings will behave similarly to the normal strain to which they have been hybridized.

For the outdoor grower looking for a very early crop, we have discovered that Ruderalis hybrids will finish in early July if planted outdoors in April. The buds of the early crop tend to be a bit leafy, but they are resinous, salable, and are done pre-CAMP.

For a normal season crop, we recommend that you plant Ruderalis hybrids around June 1. The plant will then produce a solid bud in the late summer-early fall, maturing about 4-6 weeks before the normal variety. This past year, one of the worst summers in memory in Holland, we still managed to have Ruderalis Indica hybrids planted June 1 that yielded upwards of 1 lb. each, while growing only 4 feet tall. This was without any pruning or trellising. Generally not recommended for indoor growing.

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