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Name: Piensa En Amnesia
Züchter: PevGrow
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly sativa
Blütezeit: ~68 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

PEV Seeds Bank - Piensa En Amnesia

These seeds feminized marijuana, stand especially, to become high production plants and exquisite effect up to the gourmets palates.

Possibly the variety Amnesia reference is No. 1 in coffee shops all over Holland.

It has won 16 first prizes in the High Life Cannabis Cup in the categories Hydro Haze and Bio Haze.

Piensa en Amnesia, is known for being a sativa that grows like an indica, fast and very productive.

Although medium in size, at the end of flowering will get lots of flowers flavored very sweet and resinous sativa.

You need high levels of Ec and light to draw its full potential.

As the name makes us presage its power is devastating, it can cause blackouts.

In any case Piensa En Verde always recommends a moderate use of cannabis.
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Features Piensa En Amnesia:

Seed Bank: Bank PEV.
Flowering: 65-70.
Harvest outdoors
THC: Medium. (16% - 22%).
CBD: Low.
Production Outdoor: 1000-1500gr.
Height: Soil: 25-80 cm.
Hydro up to 90-100 cm
Phenotype: 90% Sativa-10% indica
Genotype: Amnesia

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