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Name: Nepali Watermelon Hashplant
Züchter: Bodhi Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: sativa
Blütezeit: ~90 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Bodhi Seeds - Nepali Watermelon Hashplant

Watermelon tree hashplant.... a nepali highland himalayan mountain sativa landrace personally collected at 2000 meters in the mileche area of the annapurna national forest.

18 individuals were open pollinated to create this seed stock. a very large plant comprised of thousands of foxtails creating spear shaped oily buds that smell of melons, tea rose, and himalayan flowers. The beauty of nepalis are their extreme hardiness and vigor, coupled with exotic floral and fruit terpene signatures, and a happy, joyful, elation in the head with a light warm ecstatic body high. This line is excellent on its own but will truly shine as a breeding tool to bring yeild, structure, robustness, and heavenly aromas.

She loves the sun best, but very adventurous growers may also cultivate her indoors, she will stretch quite a bit, but those arms with fill with many budsites culminating in ripeness in 11-15 weeks. she still has a lot of expression in her, from more lanky long flowering individuals to fuller shorter quicker specimens, and mold and tempature resistant purple phenos that smell of merlot and boysenberries. selection will be key to finding your personalpreference. Flowering clones from a sexualy mature mother may be your best bet indoors, but should only be tried by experienced growers with ample headroom. this is a highland nepali hashplant, more like a tree than your regular dutch hasplants, bag appeal is low, mind appeal is high. remember landrace sativas need a good long cure to bring out their magic. the size and shape of the buds comprised of the many foxtails is perfect for hand rubbing the finest hashish. this will be the first and possibly only open pollination i will do with this line as i have many more of the nepalis to get to before germ levels drop, although i will be working a shorter, fatter, quicker indoor version gleaned from individuals from the original 18 in the near future. germination realities vary with landrace genetics, with a lower germ ratio yearly, these were tested recenty at 85% or more. It brings me great pleasure and warms my heart to offer these to all my cannacentric family.

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