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Manar Ghazni

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Infos vom Züchter

Manar Ghazni ist eine indica Sorte von und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±77 Tage Blütezeit benötigen), draussen und im Gewächshaus angebaut werden. I.L.E.s Manar Ghazni ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

I.L.E.s Manar Ghazni Beschreibung

Indian Landrace Exchange Manar Ghazni Manar, Ghazni (South-East Afghanistan). (Lat : 33 74’N 67 42’E, Alt. 1300-1500 meters).

ILE team, during their Durand Line 2020 project, came across to a place called Manar within Ghazni, but located at much lower altitudes. And one of the more resilient cannabis populations can be found here, which survived the cold wave and rains from the monsoon rebound.

The plant population from afar looks like a lucid painting. As the early morning and night time temperatures fall below zero consistently for over last 2 weeks, aiding in the production of profuse flavonoid production which represents some of the most magnificent and vivid hues of purples and reds in Nature.

Very often it’s seen that colourful plants are preferred over the ones which aren’t and not just from an aesthetic point of view but also considering the fact that these beautiful fall colours in cannabis appear as a result of the flavonoid production in the plants.

Hence, selecting for plants with flush and lucid colours ensures that we are also selecting a plant that is capable of producing and deploying flavonoids as a means of protection and surviving under marginal environmental conditions, while also being able to deal with stress, simply in a better way.

An overview of the field we selected for picking out a few exceptional specimen or at least get a small piece from the best of the crop. Even at this farm located in Ghazni the cold wave did take its toll at a substantial scale however having a few different types of crops definitely came in handy this year for these farmers as certain populations held their own against the sudden and adverse weather conditions and in a similar way the genetic diversity present within these populations (intra-population) also offers an opportunity to pick out the best individuals as the selections.

In this particular population at Manar, Ghazni. Typically the plants with visible anthocyanins production were seen to be performing much better compared to the ones which didn’t show clear anthocyanins production on leaves and flowers.

The Prime Selection from Manar, (Ghazni Province) for 2020 was a particular plant that was able to maintain its health all the way till November first week, getting through the cold wave with minimal damage to resin, seeds and plant tissue overall in comparison to the other individuals in the population. In this spot ILE team selected genotypes showing a clear propensity for flavonoids production such as anthocyanins during the flowering phase, which can be observed through the hues of purple and red on the foliage and the flowers itself.

Apart from being able to maintain a good physical health throughout the season outdoors, this prime selection from this field also expressed an intense aromatic complex of earthy, nutty and spicy smells with subtle hints of sweetness to it as well. The resin production was excellent across the board and the plant had a healthy coating of resin on the bud sites also spreading outwards onto the leaves, basically exhibiting the high resin production trait being typical to this population itself, irrespective of the phenotypic features the plant goes on to embody.

The smells are built around a very earthy/roasted, nutty, almonds, pistachios aromas, hints of fuel/phenol based smells, characteristics funky notes and spicy flavour complimented with a hint of sweetness, that leaves an absolutely delicious aftertaste in the mouth, reminiscent of Northern Afghanistan varieties. These plants are typically used to extract resin, which makes for one of the most potent and flavourful hashish found in this region, known for it’s heavy sedative effects, coupled with the ability to deliver a serene state of relaxation.

Format Standard

Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % indica
Flowering indoors 10-12 weeks
Flowering outdoors Late October

Yield Average
Resistance against spider mites Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew Average
Resistance against botrytis Average
Resistance against white fly Average-High
Resistance against cold High
Resistance against heat High
Latitude 0º-45º

Genetics First generation pure indica landrace from Manar, Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Structure Small-compact plants, with more or less branching depending on the individual. The population is quite consistent in terms of final height and little stretch in flowering.

Bouquet The smells are built around a very earthy/roasted, nutty, almonds, pistachios aromas, hints of fuel/phenol based smells, characteristics funky notes and spicy flavour complimented with a hint of sweetness, that leaves an absolutely delicious aftertaste in the mouth, reminiscent of Northern Afghanistan varieties.

High Euphoric and energetic high, resembling lower latitude Highland varieties of North West Himalayas.

Terpene profile It has not yet been analyzed.

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