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Name: Lake OG
Züchter: Accelerator Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~70 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Accelerator Seeds - Lake OG

One of the best OG's around.
A selected Tahoe OG pheno­type selected for its Vigour, Yield and Chunkier Buds.

Cannabis Cup 24, Amsterdam. We were lucky enough to sample quite a bit of the actual bag that only judges were able to buy and it was one of the most powerful and flavoursome buds that we had ever smoked.
Later we received from one of the Best Coffeeshops in town 2 seeds from this weed.

After almost 5 years of preservation, we are proud to introduce to you our LAKE OG
A robust plant with a classic xmas tree like structure.
With this strain it is very important to flower for the full 10 weeks as it is in the last week that the true Flavour, Density and Potency of these flowers comes out. The buds are Large with an unmistakable scent of spices and sweet liquorice, surrounded by musky, woody and minty notes. Producing a strong head high that many may find too strong for daytime.
Sample this fine strain that is always on top of Coffeshop menu's in Amsterdam.

PLEASE NOTE: Some Important things about ONLY this Strain from our list. -This is an exact copy of the actual winner, which means the following: -If you stress the plant by topping/tipping/fimming etc. it may produce a few male flowers which are simple to remove.
So far in testing Topping is the only thing that has produced this result and has only produced 2-3 flowers per plant. This little bit of extra attention in early flowering will pay you back with amazing results,. A real gem, sparkling in your garden!
Great for Outdoor growing in Many climatic conditions. This strain prefer a long hot summer. !

(Not recommended for beginners!)

Variety:indica 80% -- Sativa 20%
Flowering Time -- 70 days
Yield -- Indoor 350-500 gr. m2
This strain is also great for Outdoor Growing

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