Green Erdpurt

Green Erdpurt

gezüchtet von Hybrids from hell

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Infos vom Züchter

Green Erdpurt ist eine mostly indica Sorte von und kann draussen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±56 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) angebaut werden. HFHs Green Erdpurt ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich.

HFHs Green Erdpurt Beschreibung

Hybrids from hell Green Erdpurt -8 weeks flowering, harvest time from sep 10-oct 30, depending on your northern latiudes. Very good against mold.

Same as ERDPURT but with more greener phenos

Erdbeer x Purpurea Ticinensis is Swiss "Knospes" original cross. Erdbeer(strawberry) has a funny story to it:

"The Erdbeer is an industrial strain bread to flower quickly be moldresistant and machine harvestable ( hance the literaly rock hard buds ). It is said to be bread as a school project at a Swiss university to create the perfect swiss industrial ganja. Some seeds somehow got lost."
I first came across this strain in 1999, ever since it was always available as clone only, i was very impressed about their performance, tried to gather info from the guys who sold the clones. Nobody could tell me anything precise about the lineage or breeder.
There remains 1 most stubborn rumor that a hempfreak living with many squatters in a big factorycomplex in Zürich, made the original seeds. Probably it was never his intention to sell seeds. The squat was shot down by the police. Erdbeer was available at a few cloneproducers in the Züricharea. erdbeer slowly spread troughout all Switzerland beeing available at most hempshops, as clone & dried flower.

"In 2001 i grew a few 100 erdbeers, 1 of them grew out a single male branch pollinating the "freakhermie" and a few other erdbeers. I was lucky enough to harvest these seeds. From these i started my erdbeer crossings.
In 2003 i was testing several diff strains, also planted alot of those "erdbeer#erdbeer", they performed way better than the original clone. There was some slight variation, but in general very uniform and no hermies. the very best ones "erdbeer#erdbeer" from seed i pollinated with 3 diff males: Purpurea, Liztiskunk1 and 2.
(btw, the same Purpurea male was used in the same year for Magic Bud#purp.)

With all crosses i made with original erdbeers, i noticed that the erdbeer genes are very dominant. Erdbeer is a small round bush with rockhard nuggets."

It won several swiss competitions over the years. purpurea ticinensis is felix from owls productions creation. It has a funny little story to it also:

"This plant has been selectively cultivated and bred by Felix of Owl Productions since 1988. He acquired the parental stock back then from some old Swiss German ladies in a mountain village that had grown it in their gardens for decades decoratively (so they say). Felix was amazed at the seeds performance. A very early strain in that all are finished by the middle of September. The plants all exhibit extremely purple branches with green/purple buds. It is the most acclimatized Swiss strain that Breeder Steve ran into, "fantastic commercial outdoor" he says. It is a very hardy plant".

I know Purpurea T is Felix and Knospes favorite breeder genetics. I tried the pure Erdbeer here but it was unfortunally to late so i tried the cross with P.T. and became very happy with it. Its colours are elexent from red to black and silver and the smoked is good and heavy indica with earth and forest taste. Many of the new crosses i did with it are showing big ErdPurt dominans and i hope some of them will be bigger yielders than erdpurt itsself.

"I live 44N in a very wet and cold climate . I have been growing outdoors for fourty years and I can tell you with all honesty that Erdpurt is the most hardiest of strains I have ever grown . Its a tuff tuff plant and a very nice high . My friends and family love it . "

"I'm a grower of these Black and Red Erdpurt crosses.

Black Erdpurt has very sweet scent and branches even smell like sweet bonbons Production of resin was very high, from this plant I have 1 cm brown ball of resin, which remained on the scissors. So now it's harvested.

Red Erdpurt smells like forest fruits – mostly blackberry I think. Plant is about 3,5-4m tall. Production of resin is also very high. It was pregrowed at home and in 15. May moved outdoor. The place is not very sunny, but as you can see, the dimensions of this plant are big Probably good soil. Not harvested yet – I don't know, how to harvest this monster

nhg has written it above already and I must confirm it – plants grow in 50.3N 14.1E

I like this genetics – very hardy and vital, early finishing, fantastic scent. Mold resistance is high, not very high – some tops of buds were affected. And Red Erdpurt has also beatiful appearance – I had luck on this probably Purpurea Ticinensis pheno"

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