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Steckbrief für Girl Scout Cookies (von B.C. Bud Depot)

Dieser Steckbrief wurde aus 7 Einzel-Profilen generiert, unser Dank geht im einzelnen an: Seedling, mgpawn, rickster, CannaFarmer, Arrogantbastard, FrostyClaus und Hellmutt Bones

Informationen zum Wachstum der Pflanzen:

Blütezeit Indoor
Zwischen 62 und 72 Tagen (im Schnitt 67 Tage)
Stretch nach Einleitung der Blüte
±214 Prozent
Einleitung der Blüte im Schnitt bei 35 cm. - Endhöhe im Schnitt bei 110 cm.
durchschnittlich bis viele; von durchschnittlicher Länge sowie von etwas überdurchschnittlicher Stärke.
Die Pflanzen dieser Sorte...
...sind tolerant bei Über- oder Unterdüngung. (!!!)
...benötigen nicht viel Dünger.
...sind anfällig für Pilzkrankheiten.
...sind nicht anfällig für Schimmel. (!!!)
...sind tolerant bei größeren Temperaturschwankungen. (!!!)
...haben keine Probleme mit niedrigen Temperaturen.
...haben keine Probleme mit hohen Temperaturen.
...sind gut geeignet für einen SoG (See of Green).
...sind gut geeignet für einen ScroG (Screen of Green).
...sind eine gute Wahl für Anfänger. (!!!)
...sind eine gute Wahl für den kommerziellen Anbau.
...bilden viele, dicke Buds an den Seitentrieben.
...reagieren gut auf das Beschneiden des Haupttriebes.
...sollten in der Blüte gestützt werden (Netze, JoJos, Stöcke).
...benötigen nicht viel Pflege.

Ernte, Ertrag, Geschmack, Geruch, Stärke und Wirkungsweise

Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist etwas überdurchschnittlich.
Das Verhältnis von Blüten zu Blättern ist etwas überdurchschnittlich.
Die getrockneten Buds sind durchschnittlich bis kompakt.


Girl Scout Cookies (B.C. Bud Depot)

ist alles in allem etwas unterdurchschnittlich
(Im Schnitt 4 Punkte auf einer Skala zwischen 0 und 10 !)

Weitere Informationen

Seedling meint

Nie wieder! Wollte mir eigentlich Muttis daraus machen allerdings hatten sämtliche Samen welche mir geschickt wurden das Ruderalis-Gen womit Sie unter 18 Stunden in die Blüte gegangen sind...

Weiterhin waren in der Verpackung Reste von Blattmaterial vorhanden, was ich versandtechnisch auch nicht ubedingt für Ideal halte! Konsequenz - Nie wieder BC Bud (18.01.2018 um 12:56 Uhr)

mgpawn meint

Well I had 1 pack that had 0% germination rate. actually i think 1 or 2 germinated but died shortly after. Contacted BCBD and they said they'd send me a replacement. They didn't. I contacted them again and they finally did send replacements in a blank envelope with 15 unmarked seeds, but I have no way to know if they are actually animal cookies. I grew out 4 and they all had this awful spicy taste that I couldn't stand and barely got me high. Seemed like very generic bud and far from anything legit GSC. Was nice of BCBD to send me 15 of something at least. I guess. I can only imagine the rest of their stock is as questionable as their company seems to be. (28.04.2015 um 03:53 Uhr)

rickster meint

4 of 5 failed to germinate, while the fifth was a stretchy, long noded herm which I jerked. I germinated five different strains, from four different breeders at the same time w/100% germ rate. Seeds appeared dark and unviable on arrival. Incompetent, crooked or??? that'll be my last order. (07.03.2015 um 00:42 Uhr)

CannaFarmer meint

I purchased a 3 pack of feminized seeds from Original Sensible Seed Co.All 3 germinated and survived.I had 2 different phenotypes:
Pheno #1:Hybrid shaped leaf (not sativa, not indica), darker shade of green compared to pheno #2, really strong plant.Smells sweet, almost like cotton candy with a hint of skunk while growing.Taste is similar to a tootsie roll with a hint of cinnamon or something spicy.Also has a taste and smell that resembles a New Orleans style fruit cake.

Pheno # 2:Sativa shaped leaf, lighter shade of green compared to pheno #1, almost a lime green color, vigorous grower.Smells very sweet with an acrid undertone while growing.Taste is a bit different than pheno #1.This one taste more like a cookie to me but not quite as spicy as pheno #1.

Both have a very nice effect.Pheno #1 is more of a night time smoke. Pheno #2 is a nice afternoon/early evening smoke.Both are a solid 7.5 to 7.8 in my book with 10 being something that I've yet to find after over 30 years of smoking.Bottom line is this is some really good ganja but it's not a match in taste with the real GSC that I've had.IMHO the effect is equal to or better than the real deal GSC though.
The folks that complain of bad germination rates and whatnot....I don't know what to say......My experience with this one has been very good.Both clone very well also. (14.11.2015 um 04:44 Uhr)

Arrogantbastard meint

I can't honestly fill out most of this form because twice I was ripped off from BCBD sent cash got nothing not even a FU email. I finally did order 4 feminized GSC from Herbies pick and mix. I also ordered a pack of the Animal cookies non feminized (12 to a pack). Overpriced big time for seeds with a 5% germination rate. Don't even try to order from BCBD they just take ur cash and laugh. Anyways out of the 4 GSC seeds none germinated. 5 of the Animal cookies did however. 3 were autos that flowered under 24 hrs of light and didn't grow more than 16 inches tall with no branching. 1 was a male it didn't make it over 12 inches tall and I got a hermaphrodite with the finale seed that was also tiny. I just tossed it all in the trash and continued with some TGA subcool JillyBean 4 out of 5 were females 1 male excellent genetics and samsara spivey white Devils I got 2 free with my order both germinated and one was so nice I kept as a mother plant for a long time she was pure fire. Save your cash and order from another place for GSC strains and probably all their strains. Can't go wrong with subcools strains or DNA genetics, Big Buddah and many other reputable breeders that are cheaper or same as BCBD. I've ordered from Herbies many times and have only had a problem with BCBD and once with kc Brian's mango 0/10 germbut just the one time I've had good gear from KC b4 (Danky DoodleM) (26.06.2015 um 22:14 Uhr)

FrostyClaus meint

Funny how I read one negative post after another about GSC from BCBD.I recently did a grow and had 0 problems, except for a little nute burn in mid flower.The leaf structure has Sativa characteristics though buds are tight and compact like an indica.Heavy trich production starting early into flowering.Fans become coated in frosty sugar.
50% of the times- non germinated beans and hermies are a result of the grower not knowing what he or she is doing. (26.08.2015 um 18:45 Uhr)

Hellmutt Bones meint

Awesome strain! Very recommendable!
Could not stress enough on how good this strain was! Had 2 seeds both germed one died.
Scrogg, was probably the biggest yeilder I've ever had one plant 9 oz.
Dosent need much nutes did not look like any GSC pic could be a diffrent pheno.
Did not smell much wich is good i guess.
Once harvested it reeks.thick buds full of resin.
Once cured it does taste just like cookies. Never had the original but if its anythin like this strain then its a 10.
Taste is 9 just like cookies.
The high is 9. mellow hypnotic state good for gaming or watching a movie
The smell is strong after cure smells very fruity like strawberries.
I can not stress how good this strain is i dont know if its the original GSC but i give her a 10.
Also dont know why all the negative reviews because this is a keeper for sure. (26.03.2016 um 09:19 Uhr)

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