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G13 (Finest Medicinal Seeds) :: Sorten-Steckbrief :: Indoor

Steckbrief für G13 (von Finest Medicinal Seeds)

Dieser Steckbrief wurde am 03.11.2013 von angelegt und ist eine Einzelmeinung.

Informationen zum Wachstum der Pflanzen:

Blütezeit Indoor
Zwischen 106 und 134 Tagen (im Schnitt 120 Tage)
unfassbar viele; extrem lang sowie kräftig bis durchschnittlich stark.
Die Pflanzen dieser Sorte...
...benötigen Platz und sollten nicht zu eng gestellt werden.
...benötigen nicht viel Pflege.
...sind nicht tolerant bei Über- oder Unterdüngung.
...sind tolerant bei größeren Temperaturschwankungen.
...haben keine Probleme mit hohen Temperaturen.
...wachsen eher wie eine Sativa.
...benötigen viel Raum nach oben.
...sollten nur von Experten gezüchtet werden.
...eignen sich gut für Supercropping.
...bilden kaum ordentliche Buds an den Seitentrieben.
...sollten in der Blüte gestützt werden (Netze, JoJos, Stöcke).
...reagieren gut auf das Beschneiden des Haupttriebes.
...können in der Wachstumsphase Vorblüten bilden.

Ernte, Ertrag, Geschmack, Geruch, Stärke und Wirkungsweise

Der Ertrag dieser Sorte ist wahnsinnig hoch, absolute Spitze.
Das Verhältnis von Blüten zu Blättern ist schlecht.
Die getrockneten Buds sind sehr fluffig und sehr locker.


G13 (Finest Medicinal Seeds)

ist alles in allem ein durchaus guter Strain
(Im Schnitt 7 Punkte auf einer Skala zwischen 0 und 10 !)

Weitere Informationen

Hellmutt Bones meint

Had 6 seeds 4 sprouted.
All 4 grew fast and long they where put into flower after 6 six weeks from sprouts.
The 4 grew very fast and very big. At the time it looked like they whre all gonna be big but as time whent on only 2 grew big the other two just streched alot and got choked out by the other two plants.
It was just some massive plants i had to tie them up even after being scrogged should of used a secondary net.
There where so many variables to the growing prosses that i say that i wouldnt grow it again.
First it was the two stringy runts that took alot of my time.
Second was the amount of branching that she had it was preaty bad and did only produce fluffy buds.
The breaders state that this is a 11week strain but i dint start seeing buds till week 9.
So she actually is at least a 15 week strain. Mine actually whent 17 weeks.
If i ever gro this plant again i would veg her another 4 weeks before i put to flower.
Would have cut all the lower branches after her streching in veg.
Scrog with two nets.
And started triming all the sugar leafs early to give them enough light.
Dry time was about 2 days lots of branches.
I would not recomend this strain for a beginner or a comercial grower.
I did get about 7 oz from two plants.
Start pruning her early and u can tank urself at harvest.
The plant grew about 5 feet would recommend a high wattage lamp i have 600w.
The buds have lots of hairs and are airy the plant looked like it wanted to grow some serious buds but failed to do so.
Dint look good or smelled strong? The taste is ok like wood like taste
The high is jaw dropping to say the least.
I smoked her and was a very heavy head high. Some body stone but not much.
Very focused high but pleasant.
I cant figure why i kind of made me feel a bit angry? Like whata fuq? Maybe its just me?.
But nothing serious.. i also vaped her was a good head high even more focused and i felt as if i could function all high? Also weird? Very long buzz about 2 1/2 hrs.
Its very intence high even for me ive been smoking over 20 years.
All in all i give her a 7 high is awsome i cant describe it u get all these feelings and thougts.
Kind of a mild hang over but if u folind this strain at a dispensary i would snatch up an oz or so its a very good hig. As far as growing it would think twice!
(03.11.2013 um 06:31 Uhr)