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Name: Caramel Kona Coffee Cookie
Züchter: Pua Mana
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~64 Tage
Auch feminisiert verfügbar.

Pua Mana Pakalolo - Caramel Kona Coffee Cookie

Just when you thought our mouthwatering medicinal masterpiece Caramel Kona Coffee Kush couldn't get any mo betta...she did!

You can now officially flip your lid as Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies is under development in care of our genius genetic specialists and will be coming soon to a dispensary near you!!

Mahalo (thanks) Herban Tribe for preserving the legendary GSC Forum cut and sharing her with the community via Amazon Organics clone menu visable @:


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Mahalo(Thank you) Seedfinder 'Ohana(Family)!!!

Yield: Nui = Big, Large
Flavor: Caramel, Coffee, Cookies & Cripz
Flower time: 9 weeks
Photoperiod: Traditional 12/12
Indoor/Outdoor: Can/Can


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