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CBD Lemon Auto
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CBD Lemon Auto (Herbies Seeds)

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It says it's 70ish days to finish but from what I've read 85 days is very common. This is day 81 and I will probably let it go another week or 2 seems to actuakly be more like a 90 day strain that you want to pull a bit early before any trichs turn amber. Buds are still swelling trichomes are still mostly clear and pistils lower on the plant are still mostly white and the strength of the scent is still coming in. Right now I'd say it's about a 3-4/10 on smell. Not very lemony. It smells more like a creamy/cream cheese/homemade scratch pudding/raw cake batter smell with lemon zest. Grassy/earth undertones like farm fresh cream/grass fed dairy. This is the second attempt with this strain both were slow starters/stunted amd the first one "finished" before it developed very many trichomes and was cut at around 75-80 days. May be variation/instability in the genetics this one is looking decent. Plant is about 2ft tall. This grow(2nd grow of this strain) was less stunted and once it got moving grew at a decent pace. The 3ft claim and 75 day finish may be accurate or possible with a different style of grow like hydro or outdoor vs my indoor organic soil methods. overall a good looking plant with good structure/symmetry. Was surprised by the frostiness tho I'm still not sold on 17%and 17% I'm thinking like most companies they are bumping the numbers and am thinking it's going to be closer to 12-14%. Got it to try out for a daytime smoke for mainly pain/psychological regulation and to avoid being too high during the day so hopefully it works for that. My first dabble with a cbd/1:1 strain.

Herbies Seeds CBD Lemon Auto

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