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After 8 OG
Sumo Seeds
indoor, outdoor
mostly indica
~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Aka: After Eight OG

Derived from crossing our Sumo’s OG Kush with a Purple Urkel. The genetics of our cup winning Sumo’s OG Kush gives the After 8 OG his stable genetics. The genetics of the Purple Urkel gives her a nice coloration of purple notes on the leaves.
She got her name “After 8” because of her distinctive aroma of chocolate and mint. A perfect desert after a long night of fine dining with your friends. Now you want to share your desert with your friends while enjoying the wonderful taste and long-lasting body and cerebral high.

Type: 80% indica 20% sativa
Genetic Background: Sumo’s OG Kush X Purple Urkel
Flowering time: 8/9 weeks
Harvest month: march-October
Zone outdoor: C
Height Indoor: 100 -130cm
Height Outdoor: 150 – 200 cm
Yield Indoor: 450-600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor:500-1000 gr
Effect: Highly potent Indica sensation.
Taste: Earthy/chocolate/mint
THC: super high
CBD: low

Flowering time and appearance
Our After 8 cannabis strain needs 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before you can harvest her indoors. Outdoors you need to place her outdoors in May and she will be ready in October. She needs a lot of sunlight and in rainy climates try to protect her against rain and moisture. Ideal for growing in a greenhouse. She will form beautiful thick buds with notes of purple. Indoors she can grow into a tall 100- 130 cm cannabis plant. Outdoors she will grow into a 150 to 200m monstrous plant.

Yield indoor/outdoor
A high yielding indica strain with compact and dense buds covered in shiny trichomes. Indoors a novice grower can achieve yields between 450 to 600 grams per square meter. Outdoors when placed directly in the sun and with a lot of care a grower can collect 500 grams up to 1kg of delightful buds.

Effect |THC | CBD
The effect is long-lasting and will give the user a body relaxing and head high. One of our top-notch THC producing cannabis plant. The CBD value below 0,3%.

Taste and odor
A true flavor journey of chocolate meets mint. A great plant for a potent tasting cannabis strain.

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Wo kann man After 8 OG cannabis seeds kaufen?

After 8 OG von Sumo Seeds ist nur als feminisiertes Saatgut erhältlich, nicht als reguläre Samen. In 4 Samen-Shops bzw. Seedbanks haben wir 11 Angebote zwischen EUR 9.89 für einen feminisierten Hanfsamen und EUR 492.35 für 51 feminisierte Samen. gefunden! Du bist auf der Suche nach einem Shop und moechtst Cannabis-Samen der Sorte After 8 OG von Sumo Seeds kaufen? Schau am Besten auf unsere After 8 OG Preisvergleichs-Seite mit allen aktuellen Angeboten von allen uns bekannten Seedbanks und Shops - oder klicke direkt auf einen der folgenden Seed-Shops (welche ausnahmslos getestet, sicher und vertrauenswuerdig sind) um direkt zu deren After 8 OG Angeboten zu gelangen: Herbies Head Shop, Discreet Seeds, and Zamnesia.

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