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  • Qualität der Produkte: 7.14 7.14
  • Lieferdauer: 5.39 5.39
  • Kundenservice: 5.00 5.00
  • Im Durchschnitt: 5.84 5.84
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Firestax has closed thank the Gods,I was a breeder on the site and never got paid from the beginning,I tryed to warn people but thats life, good by and dont come back, bunch of criminals Kakalak the American and Firestax the English pom both criminals ?
  Juni 2019        
Looks like Firestax didn,t pay their website provider, and now in big letters is ,
" this account suspended".Firestax took payments from honest people for seeds,and they got nothing.
Kanada April 2019        
This company will not respond to customer inquiries.I lost my money.Never recieved anything.
Nothing more to say. I give Firestax 0 out of 10.
Kanada März 2019        
No reponse to customer inquiries.Waiting over a month.I give up on Firestax.Once they sold me a item that was out of stock, and it took me eighteen months to get a replacement.I gave them another chance but same shit ,again.Nothing.
Kanada März 2019        
Products are properly posted/updated, as in-stock or out of stock.That has been the about only negative issue
i have ever had, with any seed company i have delt with in the past.My most recent order from Firestax came fast,well packaged,and the free pack of Forum Genetics was a nice bonus.
Kanada Januar 2019 10 10 10 10.00
Have not popped the beans yet, so do not know quality, they look good though. Ordering and delivery went smooth, would do it again without hesitation.
Vereinigte Staaten September 2017   10 10 10.00
Love these gyus. Ordered more than once and will order again. Some gear you wont find anywhere else and goes fast so you have to act fast. Customer service is fast to reply and very proactive in solving any problems. Some reviewers complained about slow delivery but I found that if item is in stock it shipped immediately, if you buying from upcoming drop then prepare to wait, but it is worth waiting for their gear anyways. Looking forward for future drops.
Vereinigte Staaten Mai 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Ordered from firestax a few times.prices are good and freebies are awesome .they take a bit long to deliver your stuff but the freebies more than make up for it and at no point was I left wondering were my order was as customer service was good.would definetly use firestax again
  April 2017 4 9 2 5.00
Super fast delivery and excellent customer service. Long may it continue.
Vereinigtes Königreich März 2017 10 10 9 9.67
Extremely quick shipping - arrived on christmas eve. Also came with 15 free mcpurple seeds with a list price higher than the mandarine cookies I bought - cant say fairer than that! Top service and will use again. A++++++++++++
Vereinigtes Königreich Dezember 2016   10 10 10.00
Best seedbank so far, genuine quality better than every commerzial bank i ever ordered from, cannot say any bad thing about firestax, also cant understand the bad ratings, by far the best support and quality in my lifetime
Deutschland November 2016 9 9 9 9.00
Ordered on a weekend,monday was a holiday..they shipped the next day(tues) arrived friday.Recieved a pile of quality freebies..very happy..will buy from them again.
Kanada Oktober 2016 10 10 10 10.00
Due off the new depots they open delivery is way faster.
They have a few little bumbs that must rubed out but Always get what i paid for with good freebees.
Costumer service in your own language with a forum.
Depot for Netherlands and Belgium is
Niederlande Oktober 2016 10 8 10 9.33
All orders Came up with Nice freebies ..
Italien September 2016 10 5 10 8.33
Relentless Genetics just got shafted by Firestax, copy n paste from the Firestax Forum. [quote="Relentless" post=91220]Ive been getting a lot of questions as to why I wont be doing drops here in the future.I have tried to keep my mouth shut and not say anything publicly, but its just gone a bit too long now.Im not doing another drop here bc I still havent recd a dime for the last drop I did 4-5months ago. It was the same deal on the previous drop.Thanks for the support, wish it was different here..[/quote]
[quote="Firestax" post=91235]The reason for this as i explained earlier . Since Brexit and recent Terrorist activity in Europe i have to show passport and sign forms because i go through so much cash . I have just acquired a new source i been trying to get at for a couple of weeks now . Soon as this weeks payment clears i can sort this out no problem and been told i can have amount asked for without complications. This is also going to be fixed by taking cash orders as well at the new Washington depot. and will be used for funding the cash only drops .[/quote]
[quote="Relentless" post=91242]It was WELL established we are cash only before the drop.. I was told 14 days after the predrop we would be paid.. I would go into some details to really drop the bomb... But ive got too much class for that.. Lets just say the excuses dont make sense at all.Just like the first drop, its been one excuse after another.There are no excuses with other companies, just good business, as it should be.Pretty sad, i went out on a limb and did a second drop, even though my gutt told me it would be just like the first drop.. And it has been.Its a shame it had to come to this.. But its true squeeky wheels get lubed.. Ive seen and heard of other breeders complaining abt the same thing here... Ive learned my lesson..[/quote]

Vereinigte Staaten September 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Ordered 2 varieties during a discounted sale over a month ago. No tracking # and no conf.# either. Still awaiting seeds. My cc billing for that time hasnt arrived so Im not sure if I was charged. I e-mailed a couple times but no answer. There are more guaranteed seed sites on the web... use them... not firestax shit shop. peace, out.
Kleinere amerikanische Überseeinseln September 2016   0 0 0.00
This has got to be the slowest Bean delivery provide EVER !!!!!!!!
So be warned !
If you want your seeds quick DO NOT SHOP AT FIRESTAX
The excuses are endless for their slowwwwwwww deliveries, customer service is none existent via @~xO Kakalak Ox~@ and @Firestax@ both of which are jackasses.
The "Sales" make it all worth while. Summer, Black Friday,The Day after Christmas and 4:20 are pretty decent sale periods with great discounts and offers. The Liquidation sale through Sept 16 with up to 60% has been fantastic, just dont expect your orders to arrive "next day", "next week" or "next month" for me here in BC I estimate at least 12wks for a parcel to arrive,typically with fantastic Freebies too.
Kanada September 2016   0 0 0.00
Been waiting since last April never received, emails ignored ripped for a couple bones advise : Stay Away better places elsewhere with better service too I think.
Vereinigte Staaten August 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Ordered in May and well, we are in August now and still nothing! No beans nor tracking number.... They always have tons of excuses saying they are not scammers but in the end you dont get what you paid for!
Worst people in this business!
Kanada August 2016   0 0 0.00
Ordered in June and it showed payment confirm, but hasnt shipped in over a month. Owner says it will ship soon but have not seen confirmation of shipment email. Giving up on it. Wont be ordering from them again. Way too inconsistent. Did receive my first order from them.
Vereinigte Staaten Juli 2016 0 0 2 0.67
_ 1 week to put a single pack of seeds in an envelope
_ then after another week I had to ask X times for the tracking number, to hear finally that it has been lost??
_ 3 weeks later, still nothing in the mail box but was the package really sent out??
_ asked for a refund yesterday

Never ever again!

New customers beware! DONT listen what the Staxs poodles say on their forum, they are just sucking to get free beans or chuckers seeking for a place to be called "breeders" and make easy money.
You have been warned!

Frankreich Mai 2016 0 0 0 0.00
Excellent genetics and forum
Vereinigte Staaten April 2016 10 8 8 8.67
Fast shipping and great customer service!
Vereinigte Staaten März 2016 10 10 10 10.00
Ordered several times in the past couple months. Great customer service, fast shipping, amazing strains. Best around.
Vereinigte Staaten März 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 I have ordered with a ton of seed banks over the years...Firestax by far has the best customer service. There is a open forum and someone always available to answer your questions or concerns. Plus, if your a Snowhigh fan "like me" this is just about the only place to find his gear...along with a ton of other sought after breeders. Firestax is hands down the best to order seeds if quality and customer service are what you are looking for. Vereinigte Staaten März 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 I have ordered with a ton of seed banks over the years...Firestax by far has the best customer service. There is a open forum and someone always available to answer your questions or concerns. Plus, if your a Snowhigh fan "like me" this is just about the only place to find his gear...along with a ton of other sought after breeders. Firestax is hands down the best to order seeds if quality and customer service are what you are looking for. Vereinigte Staaten März 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Top service you just need to ask for tracking which is not a problem really .Best priced seeds on the net and the freebies are just as good as what you purchased .With some lines so rare they are exclusive to firestax only.My number 1 goto for seeds now .Excellent company Vereinigte Staaten März 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 Ordered 11/11/2015, $355 order, Never arrived, paid for best postage option, wouldnt give me tracking number. 27/12/2015 Finally got a resend for my guaranteed postage & its now 14/1/2016 & still not package & again they refuse to give me the tracking number. With so many seed banks available i suggest trying else where & double / triple checking reviews. Spanien Februar 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 worse seedbank i ever used. takes money and sends no seeds, asked 8 times where my seeds are at. no reply, never again Vereinigtes Königreich Februar 2016        
 I joined Firestax forum and seedbank in March 2015 to further my Breeding projects with the promise of rare and or exotic genetics with which to work with. To date, Feb 2016 out of four orders I have only received ONE. The other three orders have either been total fuckups with the wrong seeds delivered or simply never arriving. @Firestax@ makes a new excuse month on month with promises after promises that Ill get my seeds but Im losing faith. Im already having to re-do my breeding schedule for the year because of missing orders. FUCK YOU FIRESTAX and your constant excuses for your piss poor organizational skills. Three depots isnt helping its causing more chaos and threatening some peoples business plans. Private messages go unanswered as do emails and when you post about your missing orders on the forum Firestax asks you to "take it to pm" Ive had far less hassle with Logic. Bandit out ! Kanada Februar 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Ive made five orders and all have arrived in a month or less. The first two orders arrived in less than two weeks and the third and fourth were just over two. The fifth order took a month , but I ordered during the Christmas sale knowing they werent shipping until the second week of January.
They have had some problems having three distribution places but should be worked out soon. The owner Stax is a good guy and you can talk to him on the forum. If you have concerns check out the " wheres the I got my beans" thread in the forum. If you do get overlooked you will get insane freebies with your order.
Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2016 10 7 9 8.67
 I ordered Classic Seeds - Urban Menace... Instead I got classics urban menace x chem4.

Ordered Classic Seeds c99 f2x strawberry diesel...insteas i got Motarebel - Rebel Yell.

... WTF?!?! Seriously? Didnt know this was a send money get whatever type thing. If you dont have in stock and your inventory isnt updated, just cancel and refund. I was interested in specific genetics... Unbelievable... Ship must be sinking... Good thing i found a lifeboat.
  Februar 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 es gab keine auftragsbestätigung. ich musste zigmal nachfragen ob das geld angekommen ist.schließlich habe ich die überweisungsdaten nochmals per e-mail senden müssen. auch wurde teilweise eine andere ware geliefert ohne nachfrage. lieferzeit knapp 6 wochen. der support ist wirklich nicht besonders gut. fazit: einmal und nie wieder Ungarn Februar 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Loyal customer! Will most definitely return! B$ Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2016 10 8 10 9.33
 Great seedbank and forum, has the odd hiccup but always sorted with the best free seeds with every order. alot of orders already made and will be making many more. Vereinigtes Königreich Februar 2016 10 9 10 9.67
 This place has distribution centers in 3 USA, UK, and Canada. Glad I got mine from the US side and no customs. Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 2 Wochen Lieferzeit waren zugesichert nach fruchtlosen Zusicherungen habe ich die Bestellung storniert, aber das Geld will man mir nicht zurücküberweisen: "das geht nicht."
  Januar 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 14 unanswered emails asking about where my order was I posted on the forum to recieve abuse from other members sabout hy attitude and not one answer to where my seeds were at this place sucks ass and i still have no seedsor recourse one time only Januar 2016 10 0 0 3.33
2 days ago
all I can tell you is stock is transferring to me and as soon as I have it they will be sent out but the reason why all this is so slow is because whatever orders that were put in before x mas never went out and was put on hold until the new year because we didnt want it left anywhere for any amount of time over the holidays and where stock is commin to me it slowed it down even more because theres nothing going out in Canada until I have it and if this makes you feel a bit better it dont have to go to stax then me its commin direct hope this helps I know it sucks having to wait but as soon as this is setup things will run way smoother and quicker

14 hours 16 minutes ago
Have my paid items been shipped out to you yet, Joe? If so, when exactly? Ive done this a lot, and it doesnt usually take longer than about 5-8 days. Kakalak insinuated these were on the move to Canada quite some time ago. Do you realistically expect to have those this week? If not, please tell Kakalak to refund $573.32CAD to my Visa card ASAP, and he can take back the 20 points credited to my Firestax account for taking so long to ship my first order, then running a 30%-off sale at the same time that would have saved me almost $50 on that purchase. Hed recently mentioned I could receive a Visa refund if desired, and Im tired of waiting at this point. I sent him a message earlier today, but havent received a response.

5 hours 23 minutes ago
I dont know why your so angry Ive never got an order from stax in less than 3 weeks on the normal days Canada post is still tryin to catch back up ....but if you want a fr fund thats fine with me all I can do is ask you to relax and wait because it will come and if you cancel now and start an order somewhere else you gonna be playing the waiting game but if you want me to do it I will the pack is sent to me im just waiting like you and Ill send them out

You havent seen angry. Im fed up with the wildly excessive wait time, and the time Ive probably, essentially wasted on this. Im tired of the excuses. 5.5 weeks is more than enough time to get your shit together, so to speak. I dont feel like waiting for 7+ weeks. I dont care how long you or others have waited for their orders. I see others receiving their orders that were placed after December 26th, and here I am still waiting when Id placed this order on December 5th, upwards of three weeks prior to theirs. I dont need the "Youre in Canada, so...", excuse. Every other bank ships to Canada. *If* its a cash flow issue causing most of these problems, maybe Stax should reassess his business practices, as there are a lot of other folks doing this these days. That being said, I do wish Firestax luck. Assuming you wont have this shipped out to me by Friday, December 15th, Id prefer a full refund at this point. You didnt even answer my questions regarding the timeframe of the shipment youre expecting. How hard would it be to say, "It was shipped on X date, its inside/outside Canada, I expect it in X days, etc". Its nothing personal, Joe.
  Januar 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 in 28yrs of growing Ive never had so much hassle from a seedbroker never again will this douche get money from me.
12 email unanswered, no sign of my order which was placed on November 3rd 2015, wish Id seen the reviews here first
  Januar 2016 10 0 0 3.33
 After over 12hrs of trying to take advantage of the great Christmas sale at Firestax I had to give up trying to buy seeds. Customer Service is none existent as private messages and emails for help go unanswered so I resorted to ask for help on the Firestax forum. Alarm bells quickly start ringing when youre advised to "turn off" your "firewall" or call your bank and tell them that your shopping in Hong Kong (China) Im exhausted, stressed and totally pissed at not being able to make a purchase. Never Again. Ill continue to shop at my regular suppliers stress free and with prompt postage service.   Dezember 2015        
 nice place , good strains, bit chaotic but service is good   Dezember 2015 8 4 8 6.67
 I have used this place on and off over a couple of years now amongst using other stores .But always tend to Favour Firestax as no place can touch it for the freebies alone.Its had its ups and downs like other stores but seems to be back on track now.I must admit i have had a late order but enquired about it they re sent out and the freeies that came with it far out weighed the price i paid for the original order. The good thing about this place is they mess your order up they give awesome gift packages without argument ,so one hopes sometimes it gets lost.Sometimes the wait is worth it.   Dezember 2015 10 5 8 7.67
 Deplorable business practices, I placed my order on 22nd October and paid for Tracking, after 17 days my order status changed to "shipped" and to this date 12th December, Ive yet to receive my order. I have emailed Firestax many times and tried to private message him, he does not reply. Forum members tell me to relax and itll all be ok but after 6wks of waiting and being ignored by Firestax and no tracking number given to me I do not feel the same as his loyal followers. I will never order here again, though I will continue to use the website to better my knowledge of breeders. I will only now buy direct from breeders websites   Dezember 2015 10 10 0 6.67
 The cracks are Showing. Breeders posts about not being paid or late payments to them from Firestax are being deleted. Only new breeders are dropping beanz as the ones there the longest are fed up of none payment problems. Ive just cashed in my points edging my bets that this place is heading down the gutter. Before you order, #1 do your research, PM the Breeder, ask them if Firestax has the stock he claims to have. #2 Check which location its in, the USA or UK and #3 proceed with extreme caution. Firestax keeps telling us things are getting better but the reality is, things arent getting better, this is a poorly run business Cashing in my Firestax points Dezember 2015 9 2 0 3.67
 Interesting Genetics from a nice selection of breeders but ffs why do we have to wait 12wks from paying for your order to receiving it ? I could almost finish a grow from a regular seedbank while waiting on seeds from Frirestax. Shame on you ! Firestax November 2015 10 0 0 3.33
 wot a joke firestax is excuse after excuse payment problems order problems but wen i wos told master thai was dropin beanz i baught points the drop was cancled and ive waited and waited ova 12wks now and still no news of wen the drops appenin he wont even pay me back for points sayin its not his fault this guys a as bad as logical and will rob you of your monies stay away and stay safe   November 2015 0 10 0 3.33
 Hi order cosmic cookies from Pacific nw roots at FIRESTAX on the 13th oct 2015, after contacting them was told they had been lost in transit and would be reshipped on the 30th oct 2015 since then no reply or commnication. VERY POOR Had to contact my card company to get a refund. Not happy FIRESTAX November 2015        
 Ive yet to receive an order as expected and have tried to stay loyal to Firestax but this guy is making promises he cant keep. Ive been waiting almost a month for a Farmhouse Genetics order of Black Grape. It transpires that Firestax has to wait on weekly cash injections from his bankers to pay the seed companies before beans are being released to him. Firestax talks the talk but cant walk the walk. Ive supported this site since it started but no longer, who can afford to wait six weeks plus on orders that youve paid for only to hear the same ole excuses time after time ? Firestax quote "They was meant to be coming out but they decided to hang on to them until payment which is 4 weeks behind at moment due to having funds in new bank held without release for 4 weeks in case of charge backs.So will sort it out next week when the new account is up and running abroad.I got to do this to protect this place from the Firestax clone stores that are constantly back stabbing and trying to close it down.But i am injecting a cash flow out of my own pocket to speed things up next week and get running as normal, as its to slow for me this waiting each week on release of funds trying to catch up" yes Oktober 2015     0 0.00
 This Seedbank is predominantly run through the associated Forum.
The webmasters here claim that members are "Family" and then engage on the Forum to publicly name and shame any member who question delivery speeds of seeds. Seed delivery is varied and even more so now that the business ships from both the UK and the USA. Seed drops are often hyped up and its clear to see that the current 36hr "Drop Window" has been devised to create buying "panic" for over priced "poly hybrids" with few hybrids or landrace verities available.

Buyers beware and do your homework before placing an order here.

btw Bitcoin is not accepted here.
  September 2015 10 1 0 3.67
 Firestax has been having problems since its inception and it would appear that these problems are continuing to hound the site and forum.
After the lack of payment methods were withdrawn during the summer (no cc payments accepted) I was thrilled when the financial issue was resolved and Credit Card payments were being accepted again.
However, even though my cc account has been debited and I have a "Confirmed" "Order Status" the order has still not been dispatched 12 days since making my order. I have tried contacting Firestax and Kakalak several times, I have yet to receive any answers to my questions.

Thankfully Credit Card payments offer great security, Im done not being answered by these two scammers and am making a claim on my cc insurance.

If "you" decide to order seeds from Firestax use a credit card that offers buyers insurance for your own safety ;)
Firestax September 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Placed a moderate sized order from him. Never received it. I contacted him numerous times, he gave me different excuses and said that he would resend them and never did. Posted something on his forum and he stated more excuses and said he would resend them..never did. Have been sending him messages and now he wont reply. Its been months and nothing has been resolved. But he has my hard earned money. When I googled firestax I saw he treated other people the same way. Great forum though.   August 2015   0 0 0.00
 Always a happy sight to see your package arrive earlier than expected...   August 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Great customer service with some great extras! Firestax August 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Great CS and prices / products. 10**********   Juni 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 I ordered on the 26th of March, my order arrived on the 8th of April. My order arrived in original packaging and in excellent shape. Included were freebies, which I had not expected, a pleasant surprise. I will definitely order from them again. Germany April 2015 10 9   9.50
 Made two orders in Dec. with credit card. They did not take money from the bank Will not answer e-mails!! Just left hang in the air. What the ****. His forum states having growing pains.   Januar 2015   0 0 0.00

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