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Beheimatet in Kanada.

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Canadian Hemp Company wurde vom SeedFinder als "fake" eingestuft. Das bedeutet diese Shops sind jenseits von Gut und Böse... Zum Beispiel Shops mit überteuerten und umgepackten Seeds ohne Angabe des Züchters aber auch typische Wucherer und klare Abzocker fallen in diese Kategorie.

Achtung, Fake-Seeds. Viele Züchter und Kunden warnen vor diesem Shop.


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I bought 2 strain, all seeds seem the same strain... lot of freebies (???) little ordinary seeds. I read comments on review sites after I bought and supposed to be scam. Maybe bird seeds, for 430$! Readjust my review if its finally good strain.
Kanada Juni 2019   5 0 2.50
First order was inferior seeds, second order, have not recievced. No response to emails or phone cal,s
Kanada April 2019 0 0 0 0.00
So quick to contact you for the money. Once they have it your screwed. No seeds and no contact.
Vereinigtes Königreich September 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Ordered 10 Nova OG and 10 ACDC for $472 CND. Received old cracked unusable seeds. I am not a newbie I make seeds all the time, have my own strains. Total rip off, they lied to me when I asked what they shipped me. They said they guaranteed germination but never sent me my replacement order. They shipped me seeds jammed in a piece of corrugated plasctic. This, in my opinion in not a real seed company. Just some kids ripping people off.
Kanada September 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Didnt order seeds, live plant. No delivery. Sent two emails. They have other stuff some thats probably illegal to sell, even in this grey market.
Kanada August 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Sends more seeds than you ask for, however they are fake and inferior seeds. Never get what you ask for and no one answers emails and no other way of contacting them. Rip offs
Vereinigtes Königreich Juni 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Ordered VCDC (a high CBD strain) early April 2018 w/VISA. Quickly told couldnt process CC. "Sara" said order would be shipped within a day behind PayPal (PP rcpt listed my payment as a gift). A month later (after emails) seeds showed up. None popped, all empty shells. SCAMMERS!!! Was in a hurry, late (life!), didnt check reviews... my error. FUCKERS! Later still..... FUCKING SCAMMERS, fucking cancer!
Vereinigte Staaten Juni 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Tried to buy Valentine X seeds, which were incredibly expensive. None of the seeds sprouted, then after many emails back and forth, they resent the shipment, and the seeds look just as crappy and small, and none of these are germinating. Wish I had looked for this rating system before ordering. Will for sure next time, as these folks are just ripping people off.
Kanada Juni 2018 0 0 0 0.00
I ordered 20 seeds of the strain Pennywise and ACDC. 0/4 of the ACDC germinated and 4/15 Pennywise germinated barely. We will see how many actually turn into a plant. This compared to some seeds that I created that germinated 23/25. The seeds were very small didnt look vital and overall it appears that this seed company should be avoided at all costs. Also after i ordered I didnt receive anything after a month even though the money transfer went through. I emailed them and I received the seeds a week later.
Kanada April 2018   0 0 0.00
My cc was used to buy phone equipment in Regina. They said it was charged correctly. Bank says fraudulent. Stay waaaaay far away.
Kanada April 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Avoid this place if you can, something is not right. After emailing them I got 1 response out of 5 or 6 emails, asking them specific questions about the seeds. Swazi Red is what I ordered, I got way more seeds than I ordered many different sizes, I dont know yet if it the right strain or just hemp. Most seed companies dont just give you extra seeds without an explanation I am very skeptical now of the quality or authenticity. The worst part was having to cut off my credit card because I was billed by someone in Quebec, and this company states they are in B.C. I ordered more seeds from Seedsupreme and Ontario Seed Bank and so far I got 100% germination rate.
Kanada März 2018   5 1 3.00
They sell "the oracle" 45% THC! for only $799 dollars. seriously. I have never ordered from them but that threw me wayyyy off. FAKE.

Kanada Januar 2018 0 0 0 0.00
They sent me 20 tiny seeds half the size they should be. only 3 germinated and 1 lived to be a curly leaf auto flower thing they arent supposed to auto flower. They responded to my emails after about 10 emails they promised to send me a new batch but didnt now they wont answer me emails at all.
Kanada Januar 2018 0 5 0 1.67
It is a scam, I sent the money never got nothing in return. Emails were ignored. Please do not send money
Kanada Januar 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Charges came back on AMEX as passenger airlines tickets from Vancouver to Cancun. No seeds.
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2018 0 0 0 0.00
Placed a order for C.Banana seeds & received a bunch of smashed seeds ! They did reship , the seeds sent were shit 25 seeds @ 185.00 a 10 pack. Not one seed germinated. not one taproot. I have Emailed these people a dozen tymes & not one flipping reply ! Is there any recourse ?
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2018 0 3   1.50
They cashed the e-transfer & sent an email saying I didn?t pay with an invoice from PayPal. I emailed them back & told them they already put the money into their account so Iplease send shipping info.... never heard a thing back
Kanada November 2017     0 0.00
Hello All, friday i ordered 45 seeds. After 1 week discuss with sara.

sent 600 USD. After sending confirnation of the payment ...stop of comunication. After i red all of review...understood, that will get nothing. FUK. Strange world....
Slowakei Oktober 2017        
Dried up shit seeds! I paid almost 500 for 2 strains of shit!
Kanada September 2017 0 4 5 3.00
Ordered approximately $300 worth seeds. Out of roughly 30 seeds not a single one germinated. This company is completely bogus!
Vereinigte Staaten Juli 2017 0 2   1.00
I paid $250.00 for 1 emp. cookie dough seed. I got 15 seeds out of which 0 germinated.YUP I GOT ROYALLY SCREWED most of the seeds were cracked or partially crushed . ILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN
Vereinigte Staaten April 2017 0 5 0 1.67

They immediately took the money and then would not answer any questions.
The package never arrived. I emailed ten times to no avail
So I made a "fake" 5000$ order from them just to shake the money bag... and that was the only time they responded, when they thought they could rob me again.
They asked if I got my order, I replied no.
After that there has been nothing from them.
They just stole the money as far as Im concerned
Kanada März 2017        
They just took the money Never got product Never communicates Thieving shits
Kanada März 2017 0 0 0 0.00
Terrible, terrible, you will get ripped off. All I got were rotten seeds
Vereinigte Staaten März 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Not one of my seeds germinated. No Repley Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2017 0 0 0 0.00
 Lost over $500. Was hoping to get something for Christmas. Tried many times to get my money back. These guys are a rippoff. Do not buy unless you like losing money. I understand an RCMP investigation is in the works . Ha! that will fix them Kanada Januar 2017     0 0.00
 These guys have the best con going. They are making a fortune and no one can stop them.After repeated eamails I finally got a reply that said the order was in the mail. That was over a month ago and guess what. STILL WAITING! Check out google maps and see what kind of hole in the wall they run this scam from 664 Columbia St
New Westminster, British Columbia. Looks like one of those immigrant grocery stores.If you want to fuck these guys check out how to shut down a website on you tube
Kanada November 2016        
 dont order from these guys. after I made the purchse, I tried to contact them for a week and no response. I got lucky that they didnt charge my credit card yet and just reported lost so they wont be getting my money. I should have research them first. I wont be making this mistake again.
Vereinigte Staaten August 2016        
 Have ordered from them several times over the last twenty years most of my orders worked out some of them were slow too get there my last order was quite fast arrived in a week maybe there service is getting better Kanada April 2016        
 Terrible customer service, no phone line, it takes 2 business days for regular mail from new Westminster to our home.
Our first order took 3 weeks to arrive.
coincidently, after sending probably the 10th email asking where are the seeds, they said they would
reship new ones as apparently every order is guaranteed 1 free reship.
We received the seeds in the mail, the same day they said they activated the reship.
It has been 22 days since the reship was supposedly sent, and yet no signs of any seeds in the mail. Also not one seed out of 14
pink kush seeds has germinated in 21 days. we have plenty of pro experience and quality temp control.
I do not feel bad getting the reship, as it still hasnt arrived.
Terrible terrible customer service. friendly until they receive your money, then good luck getting any
correspondence from them.
If I was in their town I would be knocking on their door!!!
I tried so hard to be diplomatic and I know shit happens, but they are horrible, and I feel like an ass for not looking up reviews
before ordering from their company. Dont make the same mistake!
However in Amsterdam, ROCKS!
Super fast shipment!
Canada Dezember 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Very suspicious site!   Dezember 2015     0 0.00
  I ordered a pipe and some screens from these bastards. They ran my credit card and said it didnt go through. I called the transaction history on my card and it did go through , they were lying. Ive e mailed and waited and waited with no response or product. These assholes are scammers. Its so blatant what there doing, if i was closer to Canada I would gladly pay them a visit.Somebody needs to shut these fuckers down. Canadian hemp co. Oktober 2015 0   0 0.00
 1/2 of my order appears ok, but havent germinated them yet. 1/2 of my order was crushed seeds. One viable seed.   September 2015   2 2 2.00
 they sent me junk seeds that grew twenty foot plants without any buds at maturity. I threw them all out. They will notrespond to my inquiries. I am left with the impression they are not legitimate and are flat out thieves.   September 2015 0 4 0 1.33
 the seeds I received none of them sprouted.   Juli 2015 0 5 0 1.67
 Que puedo hacer para recuperar mi dinero?   Juli 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 $200 wasted
I should have known something was up when I could not find a phone number on them to find out if they had actually process the order since they had taken the money very quickly and I had heard nothing from them. this company is most certainly a rip off and should be banned from the cannabis community!
  Juni 2015        
 I got seeds smashed into the plastic holder. Why? The person packing the seeds had to have done this on purpose. Why? Why smash the seeds. I ordered before I seen any reviews. No response to any contact. I at least I only lost less then 100$. If you order expect what EVERY FUCKING REVIEW SAYS -SHIT SEEDS-SHIT SERVICE. THEY LAUGH AT YOU AS THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY   Juni 2015 0 3 0 1.00
 Watch out for Canadian Hemp Company. I ordered some seeds and the next day my wife was checking our bank statements and she noticed a charge for an airplane ticket and it was Canadian Hemp Company that tried to buy the plane ticket. My wife noticed and canceled our order.I have since been warned by several people they are thieves.   Mai 2015        
 This place is horrible to try to contact or get an answer to any questions. Delivery took months (which I had given up any hope) The seeds never germinated (I think they froze out from very cold long winter delivery) And they still never did respond back to me with any kind of answer or anything. Stay away from them if you can   Mai 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Too my money and ran.   Mai 2015     0 0.00
 No germination. No Provenance provided with the variety ordered - Low THC, High CBD, Avedekel. No germination. Low Customer service   Mai 2015 0 5 0 1.67
 Believe what the others are saying, first time using these guys and what a mistake. Ordered a few seeds each from some exotic strains,,,paid close to 600 dollars and what I got was a package full of seeds, thought what the hell,too good to be true and it was ,,out of all of them 3 germinated. Customer service is zero and now I read about this company,,,probably the best thing to do is rip them out and order from rep. seed company. PLEASE DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY,,,OUT AND OUT ,,RIP OFF...BC.CANADA   April 2015        

Order date: 2-29-2015
  März 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Ordered 20 seeds (various variety) and received them in a timely manner. I tried to germinate (sprout) them in several different ways that I have successfully done in the past. Not one seed sprouted. Contacted the company and no response. SHAM OPERATION.   März 2015 0 8 0 2.67
 First time with them, never replied to emails. Sent crushed seeds that didnt open. Emailed to tell them and nothing. Out of a lot of $$$. Totally disgusted.   März 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 needed a specific seed strain for my child. Spent a lot of money on 10pk. Never got the seeds. Tried to contact by email, NO RESPONSE. Pleading for some humanity to give me a refund. NO RESPONSE. Feel really naïve for not checking them out first. But, when it comes to your childs health you dont always think about it.
This site is a TOTAL SCAM. Dont make the same mistake I did.
  Januar 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 no delivery, no response to several inquiries.

either complete ineptitude or fraud.
canadian hemp co Dezember 2014   0 0 0.00
 They are criminals preying off the sick and needy. Would not want to be them when Karma returns! Bad people man.

  November 2014 0 6 6 4.00
 Jai acheter pour 900$ autoflowering moins de 50/100 ont partie en plus ce nest même pas de lauto maintenant je constate un grand nombre de mâle jai tenter plusieurs fois de rentré en contact ont ce fou de ma gueule 0 retour de leurs part canadien hemp co September 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 ordered euphoria unlimited for $315 recd after 1mon. total of 75 seeds. wasnt sure what they were so i text them, no reply but in 2wks recd another 45 seeds still dont know what they are. if they r what they say they r then jackpot but if not lesson learned. will not b using them again. poor all the way around   September 2014   2 1 1.50
 Ordered feminized seeds and every one popped up male
Canadian hemp co September 2014 0 1   0.50
 What everyone else says is true! Out and out RIP OFF!!! Three varieties turned out to be the exact same crappy Mexican hemp. I lost not only the purchase price ($438), but also wasted a lot of time, money, and effort growing this garbage... which is where it all ended up! Juli 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Took 30 days to receive my order of 15 seeds at a cost of $195.00. Opened the envelope and found many more seeds... like 52 more. To good to be true... and was. Germinated 16... took forever... one rooted out... planted... 3 days later... died. The others never germinated at all. Germinated all other seeds... took forever... 2 rooted out... guess what... they too died. Sara claims they guarantee all seeds, whats your shipping address well send more and I say dont you have it on file? Seems they dont have a refund policy... just a replacement policy. At this time Sara with her wonderful greetings of love and blessings attitude is ignoring me, and I say to Sara... Karma can be a bitch, especially when you mess with people with true medical needs that are counting on a product to improve the quality of there lives and they are just being ripped off by cons like you Sara and who ever else is involved in your huge scam on people. Shame on you all... Sara told me she believed in Karma and wished it on someone she claimed was flooding the internet with bad reviews on there honest company. Well Sara back at you and the others that are stealing from honest hard working people that had the trust in getting what they ordered from your company and found out in the end... they were just duped by good cons and bad Mexican junk seeds. I now ask the Universe to bring you and your con tribe to justice for long over due Karma for all those that you have stolen from. I suggest you not order from the Canadian Hemp Company because you wont be getting what you think your getting and there seeds are just pure junk. so... to those of you out there who think you want to order from them... you have been warned by someone one who was ripped off by them... and Im sure everyone is... and I mean everyone! I picture in my mind a huge dump pile of bad seeds that everyones order comes out of. I mean after all they do have every strain offered and even some that no one can get there hands on... and I say hummmmmmm... do your research before ordering from this site... bad news! Canadian Hemp Company Juni 2014 0 0 3 1.00
 Ordered late one night, then read all the negative reviews.
To my surprise, my package arrived safe and sound in about 7-8 days to usa.
Dont know about germ,or quality yet, but can tell a distinct difference between seed of each variety. So they didnt just dump them in random and label. Got extras too.
Only time will tell and Ill report back.
Canadian Hemp Company Mai 2014   7 3 5.00
 They charged my credit card over $1,000 and then pretended they didnt receive payment. Never heard from them again and never received anything from my order. Their website is copy and paste of every strain known to man... I should have known that was a red flag. THIS COMPANY IS FAKE AND A TOTAL SCAM. Be careful because they change the name of their company a lot. Canadian Hemp Company Mai 2014     0 0.00
 I had the hope to find the high CBD low THC strain Avidekel developed by Israeli breeder Tikun Olam and no one is selling the seeds. Then I discover Canadian Hemp Co has them and theyre not cheap $320 for the pack. What?! How is this possible? I write an email to CHC asking how they manage to obtain the seeds and Sara replies saying six others are selling the strain. She must think Im some dumb bunny. I smelled a scam and checked here....just as I thought. Avoid these mongrels unless you enjoy being robbed. WOULD LOVE TO BREAK THEIR LEGS.   Februar 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Got the seeds. Look good, havent attempted to germ yet though. Vereinigte Staaten Dezember 2013 8 8 1 5.67
 only received 50% of our order, 1 seed out of 72 germinated, dont know where the rest of the order is, we will never order again! from this company! Canadian Hemp Company Dezember 2013 0 0 2 0.67
 Einmal und nie mehr wieder !!!!!!   November 2013 0 0 0 0.00
 The Canadian Hemp Company keeps mutating in hopes of evading the public eye. They are a well-known rip-off seed website that is constantly adding new clone websites in order to keep on "evading capture" USA Dezember 2011 0 0 0 0.00
I first made an account on the site, few time later i received a mail pretending:"it looks somebody has been playing with our email and sending out spam emails to everybody on our email list to apologize we are providing a hacker attack special $40 dollars off...(etc)
lots of love
sara" I ordered the 05/27/2011, stayed "processing".I receiced another "offer 50 dollars off" and answered i ain't received anything from my first order, "sara"(who seems to be there half a week) answered:"Greetings, your order was sent a while ago did you receive anything
from customs mmaybe there was problems? We will try to check on our end" BUT my order was still "processing" so they did not sent anything!Then on 03/12/2011 my order passed "pending"and we are now 07/18/2011.Of course they get paid quickly and early as i paid by credit card(i noticed one other site similar from canada).
On an other hand i had no problems with Grasscity witch is almost like Shayana or others.
France Juli 2011 0 0 2 0.67
 These seed are not from original supply,the Real seed company does not supply to this company i later found out,all seeds copies. uk September 2010 0 0 0 0.00
 Looked OK, returned email ok at first. But the more time that passes the slower the response is until they just don't response at all. Never received anything from them. usa August 2010 0 0 2 0.67
 They sell fake seeds from mexican garbage. USA Januar 2009 0 0 0 0.00

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