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  • Qualität der Produkte: 4.38 4.38
  • Lieferdauer: 6.74 6.74
  • Kundenservice: 5.14 5.14
  • Im Durchschnitt: 5.42 5.42
    (auf einer Scala zwischen 0 und 10 Punkten)

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Alles bestens
  Januar 2020 10 9 10 9.67
Awful. I have ordered 5 OG Zkittlez and 3 cookie kush and very sad that NONE germinated ! How can this be possible ???
Im an experienced grower (~= 10yrs) and never had such problem. I had a doubt when i saw the seeds as most of them where white/greshish but would never happen to my mind that i would get a 0% of germination while ordering on a "renown cofffeshop" ! Worst now : i cant connect to my account and never get password reinitialization when i ask for it !!! Im starting to question myself if they are legit or not...I hope i will get an answer to my mails...

Are they selling on internet the shit they cant sell in their Coffeshop ?!!
Frankreich Oktober 2019 0 9 0 3.00
I ordered some Blue Cheese last crop and they gave me no trouble whatsoever. I hope the three De. Grinspoons beans I just dropped are just as user-friendly.
Vereinigte Staaten September 2019   9 6 7.50
If you are in the US dont bother. They are not allowed to help with any issues nor allowed to give information to assist with anything based on their laws. There are many other breeders who can. Be advised
Vereinigte Staaten Juni 2019 0 2 0 0.67
Ich habe sowohl direkt, als auch über andere Shops Produkte von Barney bestellt. Produkte waren immer einwandfrei
  Mai 2019 8 8   8.00
Graines de très mauvaises qualités, graines ne germants pas, graine qui germent puis meurent. Premier et dernier achat chez eux. À fuir
Frankreich Mai 2019 1 7 0 2.67
10/10 germinated - excellent sturdy plants
  März 2019   9   9.00
Kann mich nicht beschweren.
Luxemburg Februar 2019 10 8   9.00
Not a single seed germinated. Their comments were a lecture on the legal issues of their business. Caveat Emptor is a definite requirement when dealing with their products.
Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2019 0 5 0 1.67
out of 3 seeds only 1 popped, and it looked miserable compared to other plants, slow growth and deformed leafs. never again...
Irland November 2017 2 7 7 5.33
First package never arrived. I emailed them and they sent another package to a different address. I did get the second package but it took forever. Probably wont use again.
Vereinigte Staaten April 2017   3 9 6.00
ordered w/o tracking thinking it wouldnt make any difference anyway getting thru customs. Never received package after 6 weeks. contacted company was told no guarantee. asked why tracking would make a difference in delivery, company responded they dont know. dont do business with these guys or barneys seeds period. even though they say they are not related to barneys farm, they still use their logo for some reason.
Vereinigte Staaten März 2017   0   0.00
Never got seeds. Did not pay the $40 for tracking so they say its my fault So I tried again ordered at the 1st of May have not heard nothing as of yet
Vereinigte Staaten Mai 2016   0   0.00
ripped me of of ten seeds wont answer emails high postage fees wont answer phone
Niederlande Februar 2016   5 0 2.50
I have ordered Barneys Farm seeds 3 times now. I did this in hopes to have some Critical Kush. The first batch of seeds all failed after the seed cracked open. The second set of seeds had 2 survive and were very unhealthy. One of those died shortly after breaking above the rapid rooter surface. The other one is still alive but looks like the worst plant I have ever grown. Leafs are always droopy and curled under as if it is overwatered. I was able to make some clones and it is doing wonderfully in a RDWC setup.
Each time I sowed seeds, I have attempted a different approach. Once was in seed started soil after a 24 hour soak in distilled water. The second was in rapid rooters after 24 hour soak in distilled water. The 3rd was the same as the 2nd, but after I finally got one to start, I took those clones and I am mothering the one that survived.
15 seeds over a 1.5 year period makes me feel it is ONLY Barneys Farms fault. This is because I purchased them through Herbies Seeds and all my other purchases from them have been fine except for the Barneys Farm seeds.
I only give a perfect score for delivery speed because it was thanks to Herbies Seeds for a super fast delivery.
Internet November 2015 0 10 2 4.00
Bought 10 critical kush seeds which 8/10 germinated. out of the 8 3 were deformed when sprouting at the moment 3 out of the 8 are looking ok hopefully i get a decent mother out of the 8. alot are saying there seeds are hermying from barneys and alot are saying there the best so only time will tell.
rhino seeds Oktober 2015 6 8 10 8.00
these are brill to deal with superfast service thank u
seed city Mai 2015 10 10 10 10.00
ordered tangerine dream total crap all 5 seeds grew different tasted,worked and smelt like crap never again
australia April 2015 0 9 8 5.67
Vanilla Kush feminisiert, 100% Keimrate ,so 75cm hoch, schnell breiter als der 10 liter topf, hoher ertrag und super stond der einen langjärigen Raucher schon mal einschlafen lässt.
Barnesfarm macht super Arbeit Danke
Deutschland Oktober 2014 10 10 10 10.00

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