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  • Qualität der Produkte: 3.16 3.16
  • Lieferdauer: 4.00 4.00
  • Kundenservice: 4.05 4.05
  • Im Durchschnitt: 3.73 3.73
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Amsterdammarijuanaseeds wurde vom SeedFinder als "fake" eingestuft. Das bedeutet diese Shops sind jenseits von Gut und Böse... Zum Beispiel Shops mit überteuerten und umgepackten Seeds ohne Angabe des Züchters aber auch typische Wucherer und klare Abzocker fallen in diese Kategorie.

Verkauft überteuert Saatgut von Nirvana (mit Glück, zumindest werden deren Sortenbeschreibungen benutzt) ohne Angabe von Herstellern. X Unterseiten mit Affilliate-System sind im Netz zu finden. Fazit: Finger Weg!


benutzer Rezensionen Wohin geliefert? Datum Q F S Im Durchschnitt
not deliveri package.very bad fuck the amesterdammarijuanaseed.com
Iran März 2018        
Payed for seeds and never arrived ,they got reshipped and never arrived ,have still not been credited and have no seeds . BEWARE! STAY AWAY!
Australien Januar 2018 3 0 5 2.67
Placed my order for a little over 100 euros on the 15th of november. Payed in full and never heard back from them. No seeds and my money gone. NEVER AGAIN! SCAM!!!! Stay away from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.
Niederlande Dezember 2017 0 0 0 0.00
Never Arrived. Several weeks later my account just disappeared?? WTF?? Total scam!!
Australien November 2017 0 0 0 0.00
Seeds arrived in good time and look good and look viable but havnt tried too grow them yet. There so called "stealth" packaging is not as good as others and would not pas any type of x-ray or inspection, but having said that it made it through Ozzie customs...
Australien September 2017 7 7 7 7.00
Not sure about all the other bad reviews but I ordered twice from AMS and my order arrived within 10 days. 10 seeds of Strawberry Ice all 10 germinated in 24-48 hours. Also ordered 5 ea of Pineapple Express and Blue Dream Xtrm .....all 5 germinated in 24-48 hours and appear to be authentic. If this site were fake I believe they would be more like Canadian Hemp Co ( fake ass)and have every strain, even the ones SOLD OUT everywhere else. This isnt the case. AMS has only about 30 strains , if they were a fake site I imagine they would just offer up all the strains. Service price and selection at AMS was fair. No problems here
Vereinigte Staaten Mai 2017 8 10 10 9.33
No Delivery !
Vereinigte Staaten März 2017        
Fraudsters. No delivery of order twice and then no refund. Poor customer service. Stay away from these dishonest people.
Australien März 2017        
They do not take responsabilt Fer there fake BS. U order one thing and u get something diff. And get run around a tree they LIE and steel ur money. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A RECOVERY CANSER P.A.
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2017   0 0 0.00
10 seeds one germ ed and tap root came up. Sick.
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2017 0 10   5.00
Ordered White Widow and Cheese they are meant to be high THC strains. They contained ZERO PERCENT THC, BLOODY HEMP SEEDS "SCAMMERS".
Australien Dezember 2016 0 5 5 3.33
was nervous after placing order and then reading all the bad reviews but i recieved beans in a week in the united states and all have popped have to re post when i see some flowers.this site dose not offer 20 free seeds they are offering 5 white queen fem for orders over 132 us dollers. so far so good just hope these beans are what they say. u will have to sign for package but i think that is good because customes is less likely to open.
Vereinigte Staaten August 2016   10   10.00
I never got my order but my credit card was fraudulently used, I was charged 111$ after my purchase at amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com
Vereinigte Staaten Juli 2016 0 0 0 0.00
It took about a 30 days to get here in Hawaii but beans finally arrived . After reading some bad reviews I was concerned but to my surprise all 10 Pot of Gold seeds popped and are starting on there 3rd set of leaves . I hope I am not wasting time and money . Will repost in about 90 days .
Vereinigte Staaten April 2016 8 5 5 6.00
Secure order, fantastic customer service 10 out of 10. Thanks a.m.s.
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2016 9 9 10 9.33
Tried to order some seeds with my credit card. Then they called to verify my order. Shortly after that I received an email stating I needed to tell my bank to authorize a charge from beijing china. Since theyre supposed to be located in Amsterdam, this was the first Red Flag. I decided to do reviews online and found countless reviews from people who had been ripped off from this company either getting 100% dud seeds, and the few people that were able to get a few of the seeds to grow, turned out to be extremely low quality and not what they ordered.

I emailed my concerns to them and told them to never contact me again, and all I received back was another email from them asking me to tell my bank to authorize a charge from beijing china.

Had I not read reviews prior to going through all this, I would have been yet another of their countless victims. The other reviews also said they had to go through a hastle of getting their banks to authorize a charge from beijing china.
Amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com Juli 2015     0 0.00
So far, so good. The seeds I bought are now thriving plants and nearing harvest with abundant budding. I checked the strain against pics posted here and they look identical so I think I received the seeds I ordered. Their customer service was prompt and informative. Perhaps the negative reviews theyve received prompted a change in their business practices?
Amsterdammarijuanaseeds Juni 2015 5 8 5 6.00
Have not got conformation email conforming my purchase bit worried Ive been scammed and they have my details now ...very pissed off with service
  März 2015   0 0 0.00
Delivery failed twice. I paid for guaranteed delivery and they gave me a full refund after the second time, so me they are honest.
Australia Februar 2015     10 10.00
Paid for stealth service but was poorly packed. Stealth my ass.

Ordered 40 seeds, terrible sizes and color, seemed to be old seeds with some cracked seeds included. Tried to germinate them using proven method, only 4 germinated out of so many.

This is a dishonest company. They tried to redirect your internet to their own page. Honest seedbanks will never do that.

Order at your own risk.
  Dezember 2014 0 0 0 0.00
ordered two strains ,all cracked within 12 to 24 hrs, just would spit feeder root out , 3 weeks like this, contacted them , they said send seeds back for replacement, will see if they replace. Time is money,and money never sleeps
united states of america Dezember 2014 0 5 5 3.33
I never got my order from these guys. I sent them an email to that effect and they said that theyd look into it. I never heard back from them. My assessment is thumbs down.
  November 2014 0 0 0 0.00
email reply was fast. told me to make another purchase and to send more money....lol what a joke
Vereinigte Staaten Dezember 2013 0 0 7 2.33
alles bestens, sorten viele regular strains, top!
Deutschland Dezember 2013 10 10 10 10.00
 Did not ship anything. couldnt find the tracking number. Robbers! Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds November 2013 0 0 0 0.00
 Perfekter Service, Top Qualität (Keimrate 100%) zu jeder Lieferung gibt es 20 Bonusseeds aus eigenem Anbau. Die Strains von AMS findet man nicht woanders, einfach einmalig und sehr zu empfehlen. Deutschland August 2013 10 9 10 9.67
 Lieferung ist nicht gekommen.wurde behauptet es sei kein Geld angekommen.wurde aber per auslandsüberweisung überwiesen.bei Reklamation wurde immer wieder nach den überweisungsdaten gefragt(wann überwiesen,an welche Kontonummer usw.)habe die Daten 4mal gesendet,zur Überprüfung wo das Geld geblieben ist.Amsterdammariujanaseeds.com ist nicht seriös!wollen abzocken,finger weg! Deutschland April 2013 0 0 0 0.00

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