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  • Qualität der Produkte: 4.64 4.64
  • Lieferdauer: 6.83 6.83
  • Kundenservice: 5.00 5.00
  • Im Durchschnitt: 5.49 5.49
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benutzer Rezensionen Wohin geliefert? Datum Q F S Im Durchschnitt
First order here. I was a bit nervous, but all made it stealth shipping and 98% of the seeds look awesome. Seeds were removed from breeder pack, but I think all will be just fine and they were CLEARLY MARKED. I?ve had others that it was a guess to what they were. High quality freebies were given away. If all works and I believe it will, I will order again, bravo nice job!
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2020 10 9 10 9.67
Worst seed bank ever. Wife got me gdp seeds for my birthday and every seed was busted. Even the free seeds. Now they don?t want to refund money. Will never order anything from 420 seeds. And they have nowhere to leave reviews. They do t want people leaving the truth about how horrible of a company they are.
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2020 0 3   1.50
Site will not let date of 2014(?) . All seeds from paradise were white/light brown and hollow and dead. Ordered 2 kinds. Tried to contact company and we were ignored. Ordered seeds from royal queen and some were hollow but company promptly sent new,good ones. Paradise, you are crooks, and royal queen you are gold.
Kanada November 2019 0 4 0 1.33
Horrible service. DO NOT ORER FROM HERE. They are professional scammers selling shitty seeds to unsuspecting people. Their customer service only responds until the payment is made. After that no responses whatsoever.

420 seeds is run by the same people who run MSNL, which is a shitty website too
Sri Lanka August 2019 0 0 0 0.00
Immer freundlich alles perfect bin glücklich euch zu Haben
  Mai 2019 5 5 5 5.00
The service and product is awesome!!
Vereinigte Staaten Januar 2019 10 10 10 10.00
This is my 4th order with ILGM and each time they keep surpassing the excellent customer service. I placed my order and within 3 days the seeds came in just like they said. This last order I received of 25 seeds and only 11 popped up. Im used there was user error here. However I did send them an email and without any questions they are sending replacements. I was so happy to hear this I thought putting my good experience down on so everyone else could see. Thanks again ILGM!
Niederlande Oktober 2018 10 10 10 10.00
20 seeds only 8 came up now 2 more have maled customer service sucks wants me to place another order then they will replace "damaged" product my season over very dissatisfied buy some where else
Vereinigte Staaten Juli 2018 0 3 0 1.00
Never received any seeds at all have emailed them an have no response lost my money a scam.
Vereinigte Staaten April 2017        
Bad deal! the bubble gum, thai skunk, out
door mix where all 80-90% bad. The white widow fem was 100% good. the reply I received was a"fuck off".
Vereinigte Staaten März 2017 0 9 0 3.00
I bought seeds in March. Have germinated and planted 4 seeds. 2 plants are in flowering stage and looking great and 2 plants from the free seeds are just sprouting. 4 out of the first 5 seeds that I tried to germinate sprouted in 2 days. Only one dud. Easy credit card pay and discreet package delivered in less than 2 weeks. I will buy from them again.
Vereinigte Staaten Mai 2016 9 10 10 9.67
I ordered initially with standard shipping. I received my package with a letter stating it was confiscated by the agricultural department. I contacted original seeds and they stated that since I only used standard shipping, it wasnt their fault and they could only give me a one time half of a refund(BS). So I reordered and added the next level shipping with insurance only to get my package confiscated a second time. Now theyre saying I can reorder but cant use any of the refund towards shipping. By the way, I wasnt reimbursed for the second incurred shipping fee.
original sensible seed company Juli 2015        
Received seeds in 10 days . All ten ordered have germinated.
  Mai 2015   10   10.00
Ordered 10 seeds received 20, mostly small seeds that seem about 80% viable.
  November 2014 7 9   8.00

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