Staff Selects

Staff Selects

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Hier findest du alle Informationen über den Cannabis-Zücheter Staff Selects. Wir haben Daten zu 10 Cannabis Sorten von Staff Selects gesammelt. Klicke auf die Sorten um weitere Informationen, Bilder, Reviews, Vergleiche und Quellen zu finden - oder lies dir die Breeder Infos hier auf der Seite durch um mehr über Staff Selects herauszufinden. Desweiteren ist es mit unseren dynamischen Karten auch möglich alle Staff Selects Sorten zu visualisieren - inclusive all ihrer Eltern oder allen bekannten Hybriden!

10 Cannabis Sorten


Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

STAFF SELECTS is a collective of phenotype seekers and breeders.

STAFF SELECTS provides a platform for showcasing the selecting and breeding undertaken by a small collective. In craft batches, STAFF SELECTS creates unique cultivars which are big in flavor, powerful in THC, and heavy yielders. Our discerning customers are part of our testing and feedback cycle.

STAFF SELECTS collaborators have worked behind the scenes in Amsterdam for decades. STAFF SELECTS has supported local and international legends and heritage brands, and they have generously supported us.

2021 is our time to surface.

STAFF SELECTS brings forth our decades of cultivation, breeding, medical and recreational experience and support. We are dedicated organic horticulturalists as taught by our grandparents.