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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

A new banking concept
After many years smoking and growing the best cannabis strains in the world, Oracle seeds is born, a new concept of seed bank. Seeking to create our own unique and exclusive crosses, selected for their production, strength and speed, we have managed to generate high quality hybrids that will surprise you.

Today we continue a path that began in 1998 in Spain, passing through all continents and countries to culminate in 2019 in this great project, which is nothing more than the fruit of our passion for cannabis.

At Oracle Seeds we constantly control our crops, using a strict phytosanitary inspection based on totally organic products, allowing us to produce clean and high-quality cannabis seeds. Each of our seeds has been selected by hand one by one by our experts, who carry out precise temperature and humidity control to achieve perfect conservation, guaranteeing the quality of our seeds. It should be noted that we are producers of all our seeds.

Oracle Seeds, in its determination to carry out a good selection work, puts all its efforts into obtaining the best genetics until it achieves that all marijuana seeds are stable, homogeneous and without margin of error, reaching the maximum genetic excellence.

We are a cannabis seed bank based in Spain, recently created that has developed its work through a meticulous selection and improvement of old school lines, combining them with its Bruma Norte of secret origin, an indica variety that stands out for its power, flavor and production and that gives rise to hybrids with high yields, high levels of THC, enormous vigor and rapid flowering.

This great selection effort is earning him little by little to enjoy great recognition and public prestige.