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Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

Andrea, Owner, we are a small artisan cannabis genetics company located in the Enchanted Mountains of Western New York. We take pride in breeding Elite Cannabis strains and running extensive pheno hunts, searching through recessive genetics to find the most unique phenotypic expressions that we then improve upon and preserve in seed form.
Everything we breed is done in small batches, grown in organic soil with Enchanted Mountain spring water only from start to finish. This lets the plant be in control of itself to really showcase the abilities of the genetics. We vigorously test all of our strains for germination rates, resistance and genetic stability indoors and outdoors against a multitude of stressors.
If the genetics pass all of our tests, we then send them out to our team of testers. Once we receive their feedback we then decide if we are going to release a strain or not.

We pour our hearts into our work and hope everyone who grows our genetics can see that. Our goal is to improve upon and preserve the genetics of the unique phenotypes we find and being able to share them with others who have a passion and love for cannabis like we do.
We pray all of you prosper and flourish in all of your life’s endeavors and adventures!