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1 Cannabissorte

Name der Sorte Herkunft Location Blüte-Zeit (in Tagen) Feminisierte? Buy-Bar: Shop-Checker User-Bewertung
Red Genetic indica/sativa Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse 60

Informationen zu diesem Breeder:

Our company was founded by medicinal cannabis breeders to provide the best genetic work. The beginning goes back to the 90's, At that time we did not act as a seed company, at the request of our customers and for your convenience, as of this year our company expanded its production.

We work as a group of medical patients and producers who test the benefits of genetics, with many years of personal experience in the crop, investigating the stabilization and improvement of cannabis genetics worldwide. You can find high-power genetics, psychoactive, medicinal and very productive perfect for all types of growers who need our selected strains. Are you an extract artist, collector, closet grower or an experienced cultivation teacher, the Dr. Genetics varieties are meant for you. Unique cannabis mixtures that are not available anywhere else.

We have selected our best hybrids raised from the study and preservation of pure varieties from all over the planet that have been crossed to obtain varieties with exceptional results in terms of quality, aroma and production.

Our mission is to produce and preserve cannabis genetics for future generations and for the international medicinal community through the sale of high quality collection seeds at reasonable prices. We are constantly developing new varieties.

Our idea is to create new cannabis genetics often and to renew our seed catalog, improving or removing the varieties that have less acceptance and enriching the catalog with new genetic material that we are working on and that we will present. All the seeds have completed their maturation in the plants, those that do not meet our quality criteria are discarded. Hermetically packed in solid and non-translucent containers that guarantee darkness inside, the seeds will always be far from any natural or artificial light and thus guarantee quality genetics.

They will undoubtedly become the jewels of many private collections of the most demanding growers. You have in your hand a genetic product of first quality.