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Beheimatet in Kanada.

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  • Qualität der Produkte: 4.79 4.79
  • Lieferdauer: 5.95 5.95
  • Kundenservice: 4.55 4.55
  • Im Durchschnitt: 5.10 5.10
    (auf einer Scala zwischen 0 und 10 Punkten)

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Dr. Greenthumb wurde vom SeedFinder als "orange" eingestuft. Das bedeutet du solltest vorsichtig sein mit diesem Shop. Es gibt ein paar Probleme - eventuell aber auch nur zeitweilig - aber du solltest dich auf jeden Fall noch genauer informieren bevor du hier bestellst. Btw... Diese Firma ist im SeedFinder als Züchter gelistet...


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 Hello , i decide to leave a review here because it may help other to decide if they will buy or not. I bought a pak of girl scoot cookie strain forum cut S1. Because i am hunting pheno and geno as a passion in life. First time i got on the site , my first impression was good because he got some rare strain and his cookies on the picture was looking exactly like the one i was looking for so i sent a couple of email to ask more info, he was not rude , he told me what i wanted to know , he dont answer my last email but i told myself ok ... i give a try and i will see , and i got my seed after one week approx , they came with instruction of what to do and what to not do. And they where protected by a plastic ring. I only plant two seed and they pop after one day only and they where looking stronger than some greenhouse seed bank that i use to buy in the past. and i find one pheno exactly like on the picture like i wanted . One was faster than the other and they where beautiful , more beautiful than all my other. I will give another try and i recommend . Dont know for US customer but for canada it was better than any other experience i had. Kanada Juli 2017 10 10 9 9.67
 very helpful tracking my order and received what I paid for Vereinigte Staaten Februar 2017 10 7 9 8.67
 Better send signature only mail or your money could be lost company said they never received my cash order very strange Vereinigte Staaten Oktober 2016     2 2.00
 I have ordered the Iranian a.f. for years. Used to be the bomb but the last 3 years it has gotten weaker every year.now it will germinate but so weak it cant pop though the promix.sad sad,very sad. This happened when he lowered the price. Vereinigte Staaten August 2016 1 8 6 5.00
 I sent Dr. Greenthumbs $120 cash about 2 weeks ago and never got anything. Looks like they pocketed the money and saved themselves the bother of mailing me anything. It was just what I was worried about. This is common practice for these types of companies. I phoned up and asked the person about it and was told to fuck off with my attitude, but I wasnt angry on the phone. These people who write that they have great experiences with the company are employees of them. This company should be avoided because theyll take your money and pocket it like they did to me.   Mai 2016 0 0 0 0.00
 Dr. Greenthumbs establishment is well known through-out the medical cannabis industry as being a true benchmark in product, service, and delivery. The bad reviews that i see on here are complete horse shit. I have been buying religiously from Dr. Greenthumb for over 5 years without a single hiccup. Their genetics are 100% clean. They even carry some of the most legendary strains of all time...IN ORIGINAL FORM! How many breeders can truly say that!? Not many!! This place deserves to be at the top of the list in my opinion.   Mai 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 He was very rude on the phone. Very arrogant. I dropped 150 because I was in a rush for a caregiver. He hasnt delivered. He is so rude and dismissive on the phone, I am wondering if it is even worth trying to chase my order with him. Lesson learned. Vereinigte Staaten Mai 2016   0 0 0.00
 I ordered Dr. Greenthumbs Turkish Delight, Bubba Kush, ECSD, and Iranian C99.... Dr. Greenthumbs genetics are sooo far ahead of pretty much every other breeder out there. I really think these bad reviews are from competitors. His strains are mostly originals, and the ones that arent originals are perfectly bred and selected. The healthiest and strongest plants out of any of my plants by leaps and bounds. Vereinigte Staaten April 2016 10 10 10 10.00
 I was and still am VERY disappointed in the quality of the og kush seeds I purchased for 150.00 for 10 seeds,only 5 came up!Thats 75 down the drain!I wouldnt order from here,very poor quality seeds! Vereinigte Staaten April 2016 0 9   4.50
 I dont know where all these great reviews come from for Dr Greenthumb. Received only 2 out of 5 orders placed. Germination rate was quite acceptable BUT his comparison of his various strain strengths to being better than AK47 was way out of line. Only one of the 5 strains grown, ( all listed as being 4.5 or greater), came anywhere remotely close to AK47. This guy needs to get real with his descriptions.   Januar 2016        
 chemo Iranian all hermies, the ones that were not dwarfts, og s1 ghost, seeds cracked open and were brown on inside 3 lived if thats what you wanna call it,the 3 were different from each other , 2 looked Iranian,1 looked indica.this guy dont need to be calling himself a breeder.i hope he reaps what he sows,gets what is coming to him,gets his for ripping off the people   Oktober 2015 0 5 0 1.67
 I ordered the DR.s seeds and they arrived in a timely manner. Been growing DOCs stuff for years, always top notch. THANKS DOC HILLBILLY usa August 2015        
 The Doc has been very good, I have sent him lots of money of the years, and not once has the money not gotten there, OR the seeds not made it to me...most seed strains,I got 100 percent germination and once I had problems with germination, he replaced them. Always got the seeds from him in a very quick manner..his phone manner may seem abrasive sometimes, but we all have had bad days before. Over all, very satisfied customer....BC,Canada   April 2015 8 8 8 8.00
 Been dealing with the doc for 3 seasons now. For outdoor early genetics, only rcmc can compare BUT rcmc does not have fems. I sent the doc 3 grand for 14 packs (iranian bubba, iranian deisel, and iranian chem) on march 29, express shipping to and fro and got my order by the 7th.Today i ordered 11 more packs (5iranian chem, 6 iranian deisel) and sent another 1500. Had a germ issue with the iranian chems and he was willing to work with me to fix it but the deisels were 100%. While hes not the most buddy buddy type of guy when you call in, hes stil personally answering damn near all calls and attemps to help out if its possible....if i had rookies calling me all day id get fed up pretty quick and get an attitude on me too. Pay the extra 35 bucks and you can track your order lol kinda simple way to ensure it gets sent. oh and the iranian og and iranian chem were hands down the best outdoor my and my customers ever had, and iv havent seen a hermie yet. Could be because im not a muppet growing in my closet tho.   April 2015 10 9 8 9.00
 Order via money order and never received anything, horrible service. No email replies. :( pissed off!!!   April 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 Sent $1600 for 200 Iranian auto flower seeds in standard mail, boy I was stressed been a couple years since I ordered but he always sent me my orderers 10 years and still very satisfied with his autoflowering strains .a couple of his genitics I wasnt to impressed but it wasnt garbage just not my liking (good dog) was awesome strain though g13 was good but thought it be bigger buds.Im always very picky endless sky was good also I trust doc after all the years he has always worked with me.I feel he does have some of the best genitics out there .Im not a affiliate of his either he just takes care of me very well.   Januar 2015 10 10 10 10.00
 Will never order through this company again! Absolute SCAM!
I placed an order for 3 strains, cost over $500 - Never received a single thing.
After months of waiting and then trying to contact them, I was told to F off!!!
Worst customer service, sends nothing, so BEWARE!!!
Could not believe the level of unprofessionalism and arrogance. Scammers through and through.
  Januar 2015 0 0 0 0.00
 This guy used to be good. Now hes an incompetent who engages in false advertising.

Expect a low germination rate, hermies and a much longer flowering period than advertised. This last grow was the worst I had in ten years. CBD Mediplant, now called only Mediplant because it turns out it doesnt have any CBD in it. One plant is an indica, the other a hermaphrodite sativa. Only two out of four germinated. The sativa is a smelly piece of crap. The indica is nice, but no CBD.
Canada November 2014 1 10 1 4.00
 Hey People,

Im not sure whos ordering what And why theyre having so many problems but Ive had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with this company. The Orders are always what theyre supposed to be and arrive in a timely fashion. The "doc" himself admittedly has come off as a bit abrasive from time to time but who hasnt had a bad day? Overall hes been more than helpful, willing to speak Personally with customers And offers good help and advice whenever needed. I personally wouldnt hesitate to recommend this breeder, every bit as efficient And competitive as any of the larger companies.
Dr. Greenthumb November 2014 9 10 10 9.67
 The worst customer service. Called to order seeds. The guy that answered was very rude. Asked a few questions he said he did not have the time and call later to ask questions and order.

Waste of time! I never called back. Why give this guy my money when he does not have time for me. Ive checked other reviews on the Internet about this crook. Most reviews are negative. Save your money and use a reputable seed seller. Stay far from dr greenthumb
CANADA Oktober 2014     0 0.00
 Placed two separate orders with Dr Greenthumb two weeks apart in May. Three months later no seeds and no replies to my repeated e-mails. My bank tells me the bank drafts I sent Greenthumb have been cashed. This guy gives Canadian seed banks a very bad name. Dr Greenthumb August 2014   0 0 0.00
 never got my order dr is rude smug jerk guess i got ripped off please people theres better seedbanks in canada than drripoffs he gives other good canadian seedbanks a bad name dr greenthumb Februar 2014 0 0 0 0.00
 Guter Service, einwandfreie Ware, immer 90 % germination rate, kann ich nur weiterempfeheln   November 2013 10 9 10 9.67
 Seed quality is terrible, plants look good but LOW thc production.   Juli 2013 0 4 6 3.33
 sent dr greenthumb 320 dollar money order for 2 strains he sent the 175 dollar strain after about a month.when i e-mailed that the order was missing the one strain he said he must have made a mistake and he said they would ship it out right away. that was in march.has not answered any e-mail since. also no letter from customs. usa September 2008 2 6 1 3.00

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