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Talk of Kabul
indoor, outdoor
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

breeder: markscastle
ToK stands for Talk of Kabul. It is and IBL from Afganistan in 96.It was taken in a raid by US Special Forces from a warlord who was supporting the Taliban from the sales of hash and opium. He was also a low level Member of the Afgan Goverment and after several tries at a joint operation that failed, US Special Forces payed him a visit. He had been raided before by the Soviets and his ansesters had even been raided by the Romans but up to this point they had always evaded capture and kept seed stock intact.Not this time however! Everything else besides the small sample of seed I got from a friend in Army Intel was destroyed. One of the things that makes this strain so different is it was from such a remote area it didn`t get crossed with other kush genetics like most crops in the kush range.My friend couldn`t pronounce the name it was given by the locals so it was named after the influence the hashish had at tea houses in and around Kabul.I also got some samples of the poppie seeds but they turned out to be China White, while they are premium quality poppies ,they are not all that rare except perhaps in Afganistan.

Make sure to drop off the nutes a little early and give it a good flush and long cure for better flavor. Sometimes ToK can get a little nasty in flavor but it makes up in punch.

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