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Name: TNT Kush CBD
Züchter: Eva Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~58 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Eva Female Seeds - TNT Kush CBD

Ideal for both: Therapeutic users who look out for a variety with a high CBD content - and also for the recreational users who like to work "under the influence" but want to stay active.

THC/CBD ratio 1:1
Yield: Medium-High
Flowering time indoor: 55-60 days
Genética: TNT Kush x CBD Crew male

Form: A robust plant, well branched, with compact and resinous buds. Fat buds and not so much leafs.

Effect: Very medicinal, high content in CBD.
Odor: Fruity with hints of oak, spices and lemon
Taste: Fruity and citrus with spicy accents.

Nutritional Needs: Medium in growth and flowering.

Advised height at the 12/12 flip: 35-50 cm
Height at harvest time: 80 cm - 100 cm
Yield (9 plants per meter): 400-500 gr/m²

Sowing: from March to June (Northern Hemisphere) - from September to December (Southern Hemisphere)
Height at the end of the flowering period: around 2 meters, depending to the time of sowing.
Harvest time: mid. October (Northern Hemisphere) - mid. April (Southern Hemisphere)
Yield (on ground): 500 gr - 1000 gr

Cuttings: Minimum height at the 12/12 flip: 20-25 cm. We recommend 12-16 cuttings per meter.

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