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Super Silver Haze for Critical+

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Super Silver Haze for Critical+
Dutch Quality
indoor, outdoor
mostly sativa
~60 Tage
Nur feminisiert verfügbar.

Making a Haze cross is always a bet, the quality will usually be at least good, but the probability of too long flowering time, or poor yield is indeed very high. With this strain we won the challenge and the result is not only good but even surprising and this is mainly due to the Critical+ specimen selection and the careful standardization process. This is a very stable strain, with a strong structure that produce a main cola of enormous size, completely covered of hair turning orange after week 6.

Because of it active contents it's a strain with several terapeutical application. The quality of the result will surprise you, try it just once and it will certainly become your favorite.

Type: Mainly Sativa strain
Genetics: SSH, selected Critical +
Environment: indoor, outdoor
Height: 80-100cm indoor , 120-180 outdoor
Flowering: 8/9 weeks
Yield: 300-400 gr/m2
Organoleptics: fresh and fruity aroma, complexity on the background
Effect: immediate intense excitement followed by a longlasting sense of clear relaxed creativity
Active contents: THC 16% CBD 1%

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