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Name: Star Child
Züchter: Bodhi Seeds
Location: indoor
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: unbekannt
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Bodhi Seeds - Star Child

Star child is a hybrid created from a really unique indica pheno of satori by mandala seeds from the first release, we loved the big sativa spears of satori, but this short fat and incredible example of extreme full spectrum terpene enhanced buds with a deep dreamy euphoric lay on the floor and travel through mind space high, earned it the nick name interstellar overdrive. Its still one of the best smelling plants i have ever encountered, and takes you down but not out, deep space dream bud....

The snow lotus male is my current main man, he just does not throw out a bad hybrid, he is the love child of afgooey and a x19 leaning blockhead male (no sweetooth traits present) and lets the female traits pass through in a cross while uping the size, frost, and potency.

Star child is for the grower that wants a big yeilding, amazingly aromatic, and euphoric dreamy indica dominant hybrid.

Genetics: Interstellar Overdrive (satori indica pheno) x Snow Lotus

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