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Sputnik 3.0
Riot Seeds
indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
~70 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Riot’s Sputnik 3.0 is a marijuana seed which delivers the best qualities of both parents – a beautiful heavy resin coated Apollo 13 mother, very vigorous with extremely large yields and the most intense lemon menthol smell. The Double Purple Doja male is a large purple balled monster that is currently being used as the DPD stuff by Mr Riot for his DPD crosses. He’s been passing on his purple traits as well as the large yields that DPD is known for.

These marijuana seeds like any other from the Riot’s seed collection are suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation; they take up to 9 flowering weeks to finish and produce the powerful body relaxing, yet, clear headed high.

NOTE: People have been asking for this cross to be made since Sputnik 1.0 with Sputnik 2.0 being a failure to reproduce the majesty and coloration of Sputnik 1.0. Despite numerous attempts, Subcool was unable to do so. Sputnik 3.0 marijuana seeds are unfortunately still in a very limited quantity.

Apollo 710 (featured in Skunk Magazine's MILF section) is a select pheno from Sputnik 3.

Flowering Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
Genetics: Brothers Grimm Apollo 13 F1 x Double Purple Doja
Medical Properties: Eating DIsorders, Anti Anxiety, Lupus

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