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Name: SoulFruit
Züchter: BCO
Location: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Sorte: mostly indica
Blütezeit: ~67 Tage
Nicht feminisiert verfügbar.

Breeder Choice Organisation - SoulFruit

Soul Fruit is a new introduction to the BCO line-up for 2008 season and beyond. A combination of our favourite and most proven breeding lines and derived from exceptional plants within these special gene-pools.

During 2007 we tested extensively the HHF#8 line (a combination of Colombian Gold, Pure Haze and Chitrali #1) and selected stunning plants from within the first generation of the line to back-cross to our proven Chitrali #1 selections.

As described, our Chitrali #1 is a very special breeding line, in pure form and in combinations she adds a centre to, but does not add ceiling or drowsy Indica effects into the high of Sativas. The Chitrali combines perfectly with the Colombian Haze, to deliver a very high THC plant line. The back-cross to Chitrali #1 enables us to deliver a very solid plant line with Indica dominant growth characteristics with a very Sativa dominant high.

The Chitrali provides a nice, pleasing centred effect to the high of the Colombian and Haze and combined this is a extremely pleasant experience which will leave a happy glow all over. This line is all 'dream time' high and leave your mind wandering, body deeply relaxed and the whole being and a deeply blissed out high.

The high is Sativa dominant but with solid centre, up, pronounced alertness and highly motivational but without any anxiety.

The taste is sublime with the Chitrali selected males contributing a deep lemon flavour and smell to the mix. She tastes as she smells, a sweet and sour flavour that stimulates the senses.

The finished herbs have a incredible deep musky smell of over ripe lemon with that hint of muskiness. A unique experience and unlike others. The flowers provide a very clean smoke that is thick and sweet, tasting exactly like she smells.

No lung expansion or cough will be experienced, making these some very enjoyable herb to smoke in any manner.

Flowers are beautiful with purple hues over a light green base shimmering with trichromes, some plants will go fully purple at the end of the flowering period traits carried by the Purple Haze and also the Purple Chitrali..

Plants grow to bushy, old world Hash plant types.

Genotype: Colombian Gold/Haze/Chitrali #1 x Chitrali #1
Indica: Indica x Sativa, 70% Indica
Indoor/Greenhouse: 8 - 11 Weeks
Outdoor finish: October, 40 degrees latitude and South.
Odor level: Medium
Mite resistance: Medium
Mould Resistance: High
Stretch: 2x and greater
Yield: High

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